My first (and terrible) experience with Nail Patches

Hello beauties,

Gone are the days when I went to a beautician to take care of my nails. I think the last time I went there was in February, so I’ve been dedicating myself more and more to homemade manicure ahah

Am I good at it? Not at all. But I keep trying. Honestly, I was never the best at painting my nails, and having to use alcohol constantly at work (and on a daily basis) and do housework (washing the dishes is the worst friend of a manicure), makes it almost impossible to have beautiful nails.

Today I wanted to talk about a product that I saw and decided to try – Yves Rocher nail patches. I bought it last month after seeing it in a Yves Rocher catalog. They promised to be easy to apply, and that was what I needed to hear.

Did it work? Not at all!

I never tried to apply nail patches by myself, so I wasn’t expecting the best results, but at the same time, I was looking for a miracle or even a product that I could advise everybody on! Something easy, and that worked even for nail dummies.

I tried it on three different occasions, only to be able to give you correct feedback and a strong opinion.

First attempt

I didn’t know what I was doing, so I painted my nails as usual and tried to cut the nail patch with scissors to the size of the nail. This caused the nail patch to be a little out of the nail, and it was difficult, to trim until I got the ideal size.

The result was terrible! And it chipped almost immediately!

Second attempt

It went a little better. I decided to apply a top coat after the nail polish, and then I applied the nail patch. I think it went better because the nail patch was able to stick on the nail. Then, I applied a second topcoat.

As I said, it was not as bad as the first, but I was not satisfied because, during the day, I felt the tips of the nail patches coming off. I think I managed to hold the entire nail patch for a day before it popped out of the nail completely.

Third attempt

The result was the most beautiful aesthetically. I was happy. I painted my nails with a light pink polish, and after applying the nail patch, I applied the topcoat.

What did I do differently this time? I applied the complete nail patch on the nail, and with the help of a nail clipper, I removed the excess. It was much easier this way than with scissors. 

In the end, I was so happy and thought ‘you finally got some cute nails, worth of Instagram’. But my happiness didn’t last too long.

It’s important to say that I had accomplished this feat at night before going to bed, and during the night, I had to pull half of the nail patches because the sides were up and stuck in my arms every time I moved, not to mention the fear of scratch my eyes while being in that zone where I’m still sleeping and not awake. For a moment, I thought it would pluck an eye!

I woke up with just two nail patches, and after using my knitwear, I noticed bits of wool clung to the ends of the nail patches. I ended up removing everything.

But what went wrong? There could be multiple reasons:

  • Maybe I don’t know how to apply these.
  • My nails are very rounded, forcing the nail patch to pop in the ends.
  • Yves Rocher nail patches don’t have enough glue and the material are too thick, it don’t bend and the malleability is very bad, and making the tips come off easily.

And probably it’s a little bit of every.

In my opinion, these nail patches can work if we use gel and UV light, and that way it will grip the nail completely. But with normal nail polishes and top coats, is very difficult (I dare to say, impossible). The thickness of the nail patch doesn’t allow it.

Do I advice this product to you? No, and I think it is the first Yves Rocher product that I would not buy again.

Is there a secret that escaped me, and that allows me to endure the nail patch on my nails for at least a whole day? If you know, please let me know in the comments below.


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