Did I found the perfect mask for oily skin?

Hello beauties,

I’ve been trying masks hoping to found one that I can say that’s the best for oily skin. Besides being oily, my skin has also some imprecations (blame the acne). Fortunately our the last year, and I’m afraid to say this, but my kin has behaved very well. I managed to control the oil and the imperfections are not so prominent.

However, I still have some and when I saw this mask at the pharmacy, I thought to myself ‘Could this be what I’m looking for so long?’.

I’m talking about the Lierac Deep-Cleansing Scrub Mask!

What it’s promised?

‘Based on the deep-cleansing resurfacing protocol, this mask immediately deep cleanses pores and clarifies the skin with its green and white purifying clays and plant-derived exfoliating micro-granules. Its ultra-absorbent cream texture forms an ultra-fresh film upon application.  The soft, fresh scent combines notes of velvety peach, grape, and driftwood, to give an instant feeling of well-being and purity’.

  • The pores are unclogged and less dilated 95%
  • Excess shiness is absorbed 100%
  • Impurities are removed 100%
  • The skin is clarified 100%

How to use it:

Apply once a week to dry skin, avoiding the eye area.
1) Leave on for 10 minutes > Absorbent action to purify and clarify 

2) Moisten and exfoliate with circular movements > Exfoliating action to deep cleanse 

3) Rinse off with water.

My opinion

I tried this mask with high expectations and it didn’t disappoint me. I applied it and waited 10 minutes like the instructions says. Then I added just a little of water and made circular movements. It has some kind of solid particles that exfoliates the skin, and you can feel them.

If you have breakouts (inflamed) be careful and massage the skin will very low circular movements. It didn’t hurt my skin but I could feel them, mainly around my nose where the area is more sensitive.

After rinsing everything with water, my skin was soft and without shiness. I did notice a slight difference in the pores, because they do look less prominent. Normally, when I apply a mask for oily skin, I tend to feel some kind of pull effect or after a couple of hours I feel the skin oilier because it compensates the dryness caused by the mask with production of oil. But I din’t feel anything of that with this mask, it provided a great balance without leaving the skin drier.

I want to try it again soon because I was looking for a soft scrub and I think this could be it!

e-mail: beautyworkerslife@gmail.com


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