J.Lo and Pharrell: The New Celebrities that launched a Beauty Brand

Hello beauties,

The list of celebrities that launched a makeup/skincare brand is getting bigger. We have Rihanna that launched the well-known and successful Fenty Beauty, Lady Gaga Haus Laboratories and Jessica Alba with her cruelty-free and natural Honest Beauty. And of course, we can’t forget the success of the multi-millionaires Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner!

One of the last celebrities to join the list was Selena Gomez with Rare Beauty (post here) and today we are going to talk about two new beauty launches: J.Lo Beauty by Jennifer Lopez and Human Race by Pharrell Williams.

J.Lo Beauty

At the age of 51, Jennifer Lopez is considered one of the most beautiful celebrities and who doesn’t want to know her secret? We don’t have any doubt that her brand will have a lot of success! Even more when we know that this is a project, that she is passionate about and a dream that she has for over 30 years! Amazing, right?

Jennifer’s brand will be called J.Lo Beauty and will be released January 2021 but, it will be possible to have a first access on 8 December. For what we gather, this brand will be all about affordable skincare. So if you still don’t have a skincare routine that satisfies you, then maybe wait just a little more and take a look at these products!

The line will consist on a multitasking serum, mask, broad spectrum SPF 30 moisturizer, wonder cream, gel-cream cleanser, eye cream and a complexion booster.

Human Race

Then we have Pharrell Williams, which was a surprise, right? For years, Pharrell’s skin has been analyzed and we always wanted to know what was his secret! And now we know, and the best is that we can achieve that skin (or maybe dream about it).

The brand will be called Human Race (the same name as the Adidas collection that Pharrell designed) and it was developed in collaboration with his dermatologist, Elena Jones.

The line is all about simplicity and minimal style with no gender and no race products, for everyone’s needs. The first products were released on November 25th and consist on a cleanser (with rice powder), an exfoliant and a moisturizer. If you are curious check the video that Pharrell recorded to Vogue, where he shows every product and how to use it.

We are really excited with both launches and curious! 2020 was a bad year but let’s hope that at least when it comes to good skincare products, we can say that 2020 wasn’t the worst!

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