Nail Polish Declutter

Hello beauties,

For the past four years, I have always been getting my nails done by a beautician. It is a luxury, I know, but if we think about it, we realize that going to a beautician every four weeks is the same price as two nail polishes (sometimes cheaper than one expensive nail polish). I was lucky because I found a good and affordable beautician that I trust!

However, in the last year, due to the pandemic, I stopped going there and devoted myself to painting my nails at home.

I’m not very good at it. At all. But I try!

I admit that there are more times when I don’t paint the nails and leave them natural than the times when I have time and patience to dedicate myself to do the job.

Also, there is the fact that it’s a bummer to only have the nails presentable for two days because I use a lot of alcohol in the hands during the day (it’s mandatory in my job) and then at home there are also things to do, like washing the plates and other things. This makes me lose the desire to paint the nails and I think I’m not the only one that thinks this way!

Last night I decided to clean my nail polish drawer and I found some that I didn’t remember and others that I never used. I threw away some that I didn’t like and others that were empty. Overall I think I did a good job, now I just have to remember and do this more often…

What I have…

The ones I threw away…

What’s tour favorite nail polish? Let me know in the comments.


7 thoughts on “Nail Polish Declutter

  1. It is necessary to organize and declutter our belongings when we have time for it. We tend to use our free time to use nail polish and design our nails but when we don’t often do it ourselves. We visit a parlour for it. So the one’s which we have at home get wasted by staying at one place. Thank you for sharing this article with us.

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  2. I am a big polish addict and love painting my own nails, and sometimes fail to declutter, because I tell myself I could use that last bit for a design…haha! But I am trying to get better at it, by either giving the ones I don’t use often away, or throwing out the dried out ones.

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