Four Places we would like to visit if COVID didn’t exist

Hello beauties,

Who isn’t mad about the fact that we can’t travel? It is clear that in the grand scheme of things in life, the fact that we cannot/should not buy a ticket and visit a new country is the least of our problems … but it is sad!

It’s the first year that I didn’t leave the country, and although I even liked it and enjoyed my summer vacations in my country, I feel that I needed a trip for my peace of mind.

Together, we decided to write this post and show you four places (two for each one) that we wanted to visit and that we probably would have visited this year (if it wasn’t for this damn pandemic). But let’s be positive, and think that maybe, next year, we can go and enjoy a good trip to at least two of these places!



I always wanted to visit Croatia, and I don’t understand why I continue to postpone this trip. I’ve had so many opportunities to go there, but we always ended choosing other countries.

Known for the dream-like landscapes. And, for the successful ‘Game of Thrones’ series Croatia, has a coast with thousands of kilometers, waiting to be devoured with our eyes.

In addition to Istria (the largest peninsula in the Adriatic), there are also other amazing islands. Such as those that make the Kvarner archipelago and the islands of Kornati …

My dream travel would start in IstriaRovinjDubrovnikSibenik, and Split! The islands of Kvarner look like a dream!….

Istria, Rovinj, Dubrovnik – Images: costacruzeiros
Sibenik, Split – Images: Costacruzeiros, Pinterest


I always had the dream to go to Italy, more precisely Tuscany. And two years ago, I had the opportunity to visit Florence and Venice. Of course, I went there and loved it! The only con for me was the prices, everything was so expensive, even more in Venice! But I still dream about Tuscany and Amalfi Coast

I already had my mindset to go back there this year. But unfortunately, with everything that went on in the world, my plans, were postponed. But I have to believe that I will go there in the next two years! Goals!

Tuscany – Images: pinterest
Amalfi Coast – Images: pinterest


I had the luck to visit two countries (Italy and Norway) at the beginning of this year that I never had been before, and were on my Bucket List. Italy and Norway. I did a post where you can read the crazy adventure that I had in Norway here).

These two trips were in January and February, but with all this everything going on, I have the feeling that was like five years ago. So I almost can say that I didn’t visit any foreign country this year.

I’m a Wonderlust. Sometimes I even think that I could tattoo that word on my body because it describes me so well. I want to visit the whole world.

If you ask me specific places or monuments that I want to see and visit, I need to say India, more precisely the Taj Mahal. It’s on my bucket list for so many years. But, unfortunately, I’m not seeing that trip happening the next year.

The two countries that I have the curiosity to see and visit are Costa Rica and Iceland.


I always had the curiosity to visit this country, especially in the wintertime, and go to the Blue Lagoon. But my recent trip to Azores (here) emphasized, even more, my willingness to see. I can’t tell you why, but the nature of the Azores made me want even more to go there. Hopefully I will see again the Northern Lights. Also, see the geysers and every single corner of the island.

Iceland – Image: Pinterest

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is pure life. I want to go there and have the full experience. See the green jungle of Monteverde, be in The Vulcan La Fortuna, and relax on its thermal waters. And end in the Tamarindo, in the paradise beaches. Learn about the customs there and see the amazing people that are the Costa Ricans.

Costa Rica – Images: Pinterest

Where do you want to go next year? Let us know in the comments down below.


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