Fenty Beauty Flyliner vs KVD Tattoo Line

Hello beauties,

Not long ago, I realized that my darling KVD Tattoo Liner was at the end of its life. The truth is that it was never an eyeliner that was easy to use, mostly because the brush was never saturated with product. Quite the opposite. My secret was to store tip-down and shake it whenever I felt the tip dry. Another secret is to apply some pressure with the tip of the lid (which has a kind of spring for that).

KVD Tattoo Liner

I must say that this eyeliner has always been my precious, and although I got a good collection of eyeliners in the last years, I always pick this one when I want the perfect wing!

However the fact that it dries too quickly, making application difficult and the retouches are a nightmare! It takes a lot of patience, but with practice, I got to the point of design a good wing in one try! Sometimes that is difficult, and don’t bother going back over it because it comes off when you go over the same spot more than once.

But it has positive points like the fact that it does not bleed at all, stays all day, the color black is very pigmented (without any shine), and the tip is precise!

But like I said in the beginning, my Tattoo Liner was at the end, and I decided to try a new one – the Fenty Beauty Flyliner!

Fenty Beauty Flyliner

The packaging is nice, and the triangular shape makes it easier to handle, especially if we have sweaty hands. The product is waterproof and stays in place all day, but for that it has to dry. And here comes the main disadvantage of this product – the time it takes to dry! It takes so long and if you blink, it’s likely to smudge up the hood of your eye. In addition to this, when they say that’s hyper-saturated, they are not lying! At all! A lot of product comes out! The secret is to apply it with a very light hand and be as fast as you can. Which is not always easy.

But contrary to what happens with he tattoo liner, with the Flyliner you can do retouches without any problem! It also glides perfectly and the tip is very flexible (which can facilitate or difficult the life depending on the practice).

If we compare both eyeliners in the hand we see that Fenty’s bleeds a lot compared to KVD.

So the question is, which one is better? I don’t know. I like things in one that I don’t like in the other and vice versa. I think I still prefer the Tattoo Liner (despite all its disadvantages) because it doesn’t smudge at all and stays in place all day.

But I’m confident that with practice, I will be able to use the Flyliner better, and despite all the work it takes (firm hand and never blink), I like how the Flyliner looks! But if you asked me if I would still buy the Flyliner knowing what I know today? No, I would not. I would probably buy another one, maybe the Too Faced eyeliner, even because I’m curious to compare them….

Which one do you like the most?

e-mail: beautyworkerslife@gmail.com

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