What we receive this Christmas

Hello beauties,

How was your Christmas? Ours was different but overall, good!

If we asked you what are the three best things about Christmas, what would you answer? First, the family together. Which was not at all possible this year. Then the cakes and all that sweets, of course! And finally, the gifts. And don’t say that you don’t mind about presents because we don’t believe!

We are not talking about anything too extravagant or eccentric (unless you won the lottery), but gifts that provide us positive emotions. For their value (nor monetary) and for the person who offered them, which os why you don’t need many gifts.

Today we decided to show you what we received, and like we said every year remember that we are two girls so it’s normal to think that these are a lot of presents but please, take in consideration that we are two!


Calvin Klein sneakers (this was the present for myself)


I’m very happy with my presents this year. They are everything that I wanted. I received money from familiar members and I will use it to buy some things that I need in the next sales!

Stradivarius necessaire, a mirror made by hand, YSL Libre coffre (includes 100ml Parfum + red lipstick + eye pencil)
A personalized mug, a scarf and lookfantastic crackers
Amazon iwatch strap, money and a lot of socks that I can’t show you because they are all in the washing machine eheh

e-mail: beautyworkerslife@gmail.com

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