New Year’s Eve Outfit Ideas

Hello beauties,

How it’s been your Christmas week? Are you prepared for the new year?

We are more than prepared and we want to take the opportunity to wish you a great 2021. We truly hope that this new year is better than 2020 in every aspect: love, money, luck and most important health! Stay positive, take care and hopefully everything will be okay.

Our new year’s eve will be at home and probably we will only dress casually (only our best pajamas for the occasion!) but if you want (and you should) enter this new year in a big way, you can use your most glamorous dress for the occasion! If you don’t have nothing glamorous then we are here to help you! Here’s some ideas of clothes that you can buy or take inspiration:

1. Shein 29.90€ | 2. Shein 9.90€ | 3. Shein 34.90€ | 4. Shein 29.90€
1. Shein | 2. Zara 15.99€ | 3. Zara 9.90€ | 4. Zara 25.99€
1. Mango 29.99€ | 2. H&M | 3. H&M 15.99€ | 4. Zara 25.95€
1. Zara 25.99€ | 2. Zara 25.99€ | 3. Zara 19,99€ | 4. H&M

In Portugal we have the tradition of using a new pair of blue underwear in new eve’s night to give luck for the next year. What’s the tradition in your country?


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