Our 2021 Resolutions…

Hello Beauties

Every single year we all think about what we want to get better or achieve in the new year and 2021 is not an exception.

Last year was a hard/different year and even if we don’t see many changes in the beginning of 2021, we have to be positive and think that we learn some things in the hardest times, and that good times will come. The good thinks we learned should be remembered and applied in 2021 (and maybe for the rest of our life) but there are always more things that we can try to be better.

So without more blah blah blahs let’s list ours resolutions for this new year…and hopefully we can try to change some bad habits and be better…


Like I wrote on the introduction, I developed some good habits on 2020 that I would like to keep on 2021, because I feel healthy and never been better physically.

So my resolutions for 2021 are:

  • Be more present;
  • Try to be a better person, especially to the closest one (family);
  • Save money to buy an house;
  • Try to see a series (at least an episode per week);
  • Read more (something that I love to do and not doing right now);
  • Keep the good work in term of workout;
  • Keep the good work in terms of healthy lifestyle (eat clean);
  • Dedicate more time to the blog (let’s grow this blog even more);
  • Be more organized in terms of my time, to have time to do everything I want in a day;
  • Try to not think at work (pharmacy) at home.

The last two are the most difficult I think, but at least I want to try to at least get better at it.


  • Drink more water (my kidneys will thank me)
  • Try to not watch all the episode of a series on Netflix at once (no more marathons)
  • Take less pictures of my dog (my iphone is totally full)
  • Send more messages to my friends and ask more if they are okay
  • Eat less sugar (I doubt, but I will try)
  • Swap hikes for runs
  • Use more the elliptical machine
  • Do more yoga (I stopped when the cold weather started, and I don’t know why, I was loving doing it in spring/summer)
  • Save money
  • Hug more my family at home and be thankful for the patience they have with me
  • Be less anxious
  • Be more present in the beautyworkers instagram and write posts in advance
  • Don’t think about work at home

What are your resolutions? We would love to know some of them, let us know in the comments.

e-mail: beautyworkerslife@gmail.com

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