Latest nail polish purchases

Hello beauties,

When was the last time that we talked about nail polishes? I think the last post was about a declutter that I did on my modest collection (if you didn’t read it, you can, clicking here).

So today I remembered to talk about some nail polishes that I have acquired since the last time. What do you think?

Like I said this is something new to me, because for many years I went to a beautician, where she applied gel, but with the situation that we are living I decided that it’s most safe to get my nails done at home (by me!). And no, since the last time, I’m not better at painting my nails, but I’m getting there eheh

With no more delays, here’s what I got since the last month…

1. Andreia Profissional Nutri Color One Step NC4 | 2. Avon Gel Shine Frost Bite | 3. Avon Gel Shine Run Wild | 4. Avon Gel Shine Calm & Chill

I love the Andreia Professional Nutri Color color and it lasts more than three days on my nails, which is a good thing (it also dries very quickly)!

Last month, I made a big order from Avon and all the products are for the nails. I bought two of my favorite Avon Nail products – the top coat ultimate gel shine and the Restoring & Perfecting base coat. I love both products and I can’t live without them. Then I decided to buy a nail polish with shine (frost Bite) because I was in the Christmas/New year feeling but I like this color so much that it turned out one of my favorite nail polishes. I apply only one coat – if I want something natural- or two coats if I want a va va voom look! With color, I bought two products, one in grey (I was expecting something lighter because I have one that’s very similar to this) and one purple (I’m happy with it). I really like Avon nail polishes because they dry in minutes and last a lot of time in the nails.


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