How to style chunky sneakers

Hello beauties,

Two or three years ago I discovered the world of the ugly sneakers thanks to Balenciaga.

At the beginning no-one liked them – they were huge, and ugly. But then the Fahionistas started using them and it became a thing.

After Balenciaga, many brands came with their own version of the ugly sneakers, also known as daddy sneakers.

If I could afford high luxury brands, I know which ones I would buy. No, it wouldn’t be the Balenciaga sneakers, but a pair from Louis Vuitton that made me fall in love with this trend.

I’m talking about the LV Archlight sneakers. I know that it’s not the cup of tea of everyone, but I absolutely love them.

Image: Louis Vuitton

The years passed, and although this trend is not new anymore, it’s still here. And I think this is a trend that will never disappear, at least not in the next years. There could be many reasons why they are a hit – they are comfortable, and something that can elevate a simple outfit.

After seeing the LV Archlight sneakers, the ugly sneakers never came out of my head.

Two years ago, I saw the Calvin Klein Leather Chunky trainers, but I though that they were too expensive at the time because they were a trend.

Calvin Klein Lether Chuncky Trainers

Last winter I tried ones from Stradivarius that were cute, but the Calvin Klein trainers were on my mind. And because of that, I had to buy them. If you read the post about what we received on Christmas (here), you probably know that they were a present to me from me. I feel in love with them two years ago and I’m still definitely in love with them today! They are stunning and exactly like the trend says, ugly sneakers but at the same time, pretty!

But now comes the problem and the main goal of this post…how can I style them?

We created this post to help me and others that love this type of sneakers and want learn ways or have ideas on how to use them.

Without further duo, let’s create some outfits, shall we?


Maybe the most easy and normal way.

This is the type of outfit that I usually use with my beloved CK. Just put a pair of jeans, a cami with a sweatshirt, and you are good to go in a stylish way.


This the 2020 outfit. Track suit or lounger, ugly sneakers and you are good to go do the errands or do your hygienic walk.


And now starts the tricky outfits.

Maybe styling with a skirt or leather pants, would be a nice outfit.

What do you think?


Maybe the most awkward and the the outfit that will have mix feelings. But just need to choose the right dress, and be bold.

I’m sure you will have people talking about you and raving your style and confidence.


Ok, not suitable for all type of jobs but I can assure you that it will be okay to use with a trench coat or/and a suit pants with a blazer, and you will be the most fashion of the office.


That is the one to be more irreverent and show off your style.

Pair the trainers with a oversize blazer and a belt and go rock the streets.

What’s your favorite way to use this kind of sneakers? Let us know in the comments.


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