10 Best Sale Purchases at Sephora

Hello beauties,

This month we decided to show you some of the best purchases that you can make in certain stores, starting with Zara (last week, post here) and today it’s Sephora’s time! Why are we showing you this? Well, we don’t know how the sales works in your country, but in ours, January means Sales Time!

And what better time to do some shopping, just because you want or because you need, than when the prices are on its best?

Without further delay, here are our choices… we tried to choose products that are available in every Sephora. Don’t forget to let us know what would you chose, in the comments.

Rita’s Choices

  • Huda Beauty Coffret Eyes 35.90€ (Now 27,00€)
  • Pat McGrath Gilty Pleasures Mini Lip Trio 27,00€ (Now 21,60€)
  • Yves Saint Laurent Full Matte Shadow 20,00€ (Now 16,00€)
  • Marc Jacobs Beauty Le Marc Shade Slow Burn 29,90€ (Now 22,00€)
  • Sephora Collection Lip honeys colorful gloss balm 9,99€ (Now 7,00€)

Why these products?

Huda’s coffret brings two minis – a mascara and the eyeliner – perfect for those who want to try both products without leaving a kidney at the checkout counter. I always wanted to try Pat McGrath lipsticks, I know, everybody talks so well about these..and the colors look very wearable! I have two Yves Saint Laurent shadows and they are perfect, they can be used alone, as a base for powder eyeshadow, or on the top. Every Marc Jacobs beauty product never disappoints, and this lipstick has beautiful color! Sephora Lip honeys gloss besides having a great price, looks good. Each one has honey as an ingredient which is known as a moisturizer and protector of cracked lips (it also works as a mild exfoliator).

Joana’s Choices

  • Ole Henriksen Happy Juice Set 65.90€ (Now 49,00€)
  • Guerlain Abeille Royale Coffret Anti idade double R 99,00€ (Now 79,20€)
  • Hugo Boss The Scent Private Accord For Her 71,00€ (Now 56,80€)
  • Becca Cosmetics Becca X Barbie Ferreira Prismatic Lip Glow Kit 32,90€ (Now 25,00€)
  • Urban Decay Lo-Fi Lip Mousse 24,50€ (Now 17,00€)

Why these products?

If you ask me why I chose these five products, my answer would be because these are products from brands that I love and (some) that I want to try. The two skincare products that I chose, Ole Henriksen Set and Guerlain Abeille Royale Coffret, are both a mix of many products that I love and are usually extremely expensive. So I think that we need to grab the chance of buying these kind of products when they are on sale. I think it’s a good deal. Becca Cosmetics kit is a new product, and I think is so rare to have new products on sale that I put it instantly on my list. And a plus is that the lip glow looks so good and I have a lot of curiosity to try it. Urban Decay Lo-Fi, looks so good and I’m already imagining it as the perfect lipstick/ blush for vacations because it’s waterproof. I needed to finish this sale by giving you an option of a good perfume in sales, in case you need to buy one, so I picked the Hugo Boss The Scent Private Accord because Boss never disappoints.

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