10 Best Sales Purchases at Mango

Hello beauties,

Here we are again to help you during this confusing time, and no, we are not talking about everything that’s happening in the world, but about something simple and materialistic… the Sales.

We already did this for Zara (here) and Sephora (here), and now it’s time for Mango.

Mango is one of our favorite stores and their discounts are huge right now, like 70% off!! What you have to know about Mango is that the discounts normally start low and next day the same piece has a bigger discount. But we don’t advice you to wait because you can loose the last piece in stock. But also don’t rush, right now it’s the perfect time to make really good purchases at the best price.

Interesting, right?

Without more delay let’s see what me and Rita can find in the world of Mango Sales.


Black top ref. 77047887-MANGA-I-LM (29,99€ – now 22,99€) | Knitted Blouse ref. 87020531-GRACER-LM (39,99€ – now 29,99€)| Jeans ref. 77000523-NOA-LM (25,99€ – now 15,99€) | Animal Skirt ref. 77059223-SERP-LM (39,99€ – now 15,99€) | Jacket ref. 77018256-GAUGUIN-LM (79,99€ – now 59,99€)

It’s really difficult to pick only five pieces, but at the same time I’m really happy with what I chose. I would use every single piece, they are according to my style and taste. On a side note, the jacket is the same that Gigi Hadid was seen wearing a few weeks ago (it’s on sales!!).


Boots ref. 77037610-FONA-LM (119,99€ – now 59,99€) | Pink Blouse ref. 87000541-NARVONA-LM (25,99€ – now 17,99€) | Dress ref. 77039211-LAILA-LM (39,99€ – now 17,99€) | Jumpsuit ref. 77039215-TUXEDO-LM (59,99€ – now 22,99€) | Jacket ref. 77018258-FOX-LM (99,99€ – Now 45,99€)

I like almost everything on Mango so picking up only five pieces was a hard job. I picked what I like and what I think deserves for the quality and discount that the store is giving.

e-mail: beautyworkerslife@gmail.com

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