Yves Saint Laurent Lipstick + Eye Pencil

Hello beauties,

Last Christmas, I received a YSL Libre coffret. It was one of the best gifts because, in addition to having one of the perfumes that I like the most right now, it also brought a lipstick in the iconic YSL red color and a black eye pencil.

I was surprised with both products because, despite being in travel size they bring a lot of product.


[image1] one layer of lipstick [image2] without the excess (I used a handkerchief).

As I mentioned, the lipstick comes in the iconic YSL red, and the packaging is beautiful. All gold with the logo highlighted. It’s perfect to have in the bag because, besides being small, it also weighs nothing. At all. Of course, I was expecting this because it’s a travel size, certainly it could not have the same weight as a normal-sized lipstick, right?

It is a smart way to introduce a product to make us want to buy the normal size.

As for the texture, it is far from a matte lipstick. I describe it as satin. The size can be a friend or an enemy because it helps reach that difficult corner of the lip, however, the absence of weight makes it easier to slide it to where you don’t want it.

I found it very easy to smudge, now even more that I use mascara, so my advice is to use a handkerchief to remove the excess, or else you can end up with a big mess.


The pencil is phenomenal. The dark color is rich and very pigmented, and the bonus is that glides like butter (but like a good quality butter). It allows me to get a beautiful and effortless eyeliner without any effort. But you can also smudge it a little if you want a smoky effect. I also tried to use it in the waterline and it did not cause me any allergies in my sensitive eyes. My only advice is to don’t over-apply it. If you want a more natural look because it has a very dark color.

Final thoughts

I’m happy with both products. As I said, this is a smart plan by YSL to make its products known. They don’t need of course, because they are YSL, but it’s a nice move to let the peasants to try their products eh eh

If you asked me which product I would buy in the normal size, my answer would be without any doubt the eye pencil. I like it. Despite the beautiful red – the exact type of red that I like, one that pulls more towards the bluish and leaves the teeth whiter – I prefer a matte lipstick. I like being able to eat and drink (right now, to wear a mask) without worrying about whether I look like a clown.

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