10 Best Pieces on Sale at Stradivarius

Hello beauties,

The sales are almost over, as are our posts on the best pieces you can find on sales (until the next sales, of course). But we don’t want to say goodbye to this segment (for now) without talking about a store with very nice pieces and incredible prices – Stradivarius.

If you have been following us for some time, you must have realized that Stradivarius is not new to us. We have already written some posts and showed some pieces that we tried in the store (when we could still go to a physical store without worries).

But do not despair because we have chosen ten incredible pieces (you will not believe the prices), and the best thing is that you can order online and receive them in the comfort of your home in a few days.

Joana Choices

Grey Dress ref.6372/594-I2020 19,99€ Now 7,99€ | Jacket ref.5807/439-I2020 59,99€ Now 19,99€ | Black Boots ref.9852/670-I2020 49,99€ Now 34,99€ | Knitted Lavender Top ref.1568/266-I2020 15,99€ Now 5,99€ | Skirt ref.4699/737-I2020 17,99€ Now 7,99€

Rita Choices

Red skirt ref.4740/590-I2020 19,99€ Now 7,99€ | Cherry Coke T-shirt ref.6619/810-I2020 15,99€ Now 5,99€ | Brown Flower Top ref.6043/533-I2020 19,99€ Now 7,99€ | Knitted Jacket ref.5007/131-I2020 25,99€ Now 9,99€ | Pink shoes ref.9157/570-I2020 25,99€ Now 9,99€

Let us know in the comments what are your favorite pieces.

e-mail: beautyworkerslife@gmail.com

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