Beauty products based on Plants

Hello beauties,

Green is the future, and there’s no doubt about it. There are more and more brands that, for a level of safety and efficiency, favor plant extracts for their formulas, instead of synthetics. As examples we have Caudalie, Clarins, Garnier, Yves Rocher or even Chanel. These brands have in their research and development teams, people who travel the wold looking for plants from which to extract effective assets. Some of them have even exclusive fields which they grow and study the plants used in their products.

1. Alfafa, which has a similar effect to retinol, in Chanel Le Lift cream, 125€ | 2. Ajuga, rich in plant collagen, Yves Rocher Fluid Definition and luminosity Vegetable lifting, 32,95€ | 3. Rosemary, geranium and mint in the form of essential oils for firming and toning, Clarins Huile Tonic Body Treatment Oil, 53€ | 4. Siberian olive tree, with illuminating and anti-pollution functions, Polaar Fluid Lissant Éclat Boreal, 43,95€ | 5. Watermelon for hydration, and pumpkin extract that acts as an anti-oxidant, Glow Recipe Watermelon Sleeping Mask, 45€ | 6. Vanilla and Quinoa to moisturize the body, Boticário Royal Vanilla moisturizing lotion Nativa Spa, 14,99€

For example, the brand Yves Rocher that created the concept of plant cosmetic over 60 years ago, now has its own fields in La Gacilly, Brittany, where it organically cultivates the plants it uses to formulate its products. Chanel has partnerships with Vanilla Planifolia plantations in Madagascar, green coffee in Costa Rica and camellias in the Pyrenees. Clarins has properties in a private area of the French Alps, where many of the plant extracts it uses come from.

More and more plants can be used in the cosmetic industry, and all the techniques currently available allow the good properties to be extracted without harming the environment.

1. Willow bark, arnica, calendula are part of the 12 botanical ingredients of this cleanser, Tata Harper Clarifying Cleanser, 69€ | 2. Lavender, that reaffirms in form of essential oils, Garner Bio Lavender oil, 14,99€ | 3. Rosemary and Herbs, to conditioner the hair, Herbal Essences, 4,99€ | 4. Spinach and green tea micronutrients and antioxidants in Youth to the People Make-up remover + Green tea Spinach Vitamin, 30,90€ | 5. Jasmine, known by its relaxing properties can be found in the bodhi & birch Jasmine Falls, 20€ | 6. None oil, to help stimulate circulation, de-puff, lift and scalp, Kora Organics Noni Glow Face Oil, 58€ | 7. Tree bark, with skin collagen stimulating action, Caudalie Redensifying Cashmere Cream 43,70€ | 8. Papaya & pineapple enzymes to refresh and refine pores leaving skin vibrant and rejuvenated, Catarina Barbosa Skincare Florbela mask, 65€

In this post, we wanted to applaud and talk about some brands, in addition to the brands mentioned above, that are helping the environment with some amazing products, that are not just good for the ambient but also create efficient products.

Glow Recipe

This brand has as base fruit and super fruits, like avocado, watermelon, blueberry, and many more. Their best seller is the famous watermelon sleeping mask, that contains watermelon and pumpkin extract.

One more point in favor, is that the jar is made of recyclable material and the cartoon is made with PEFC-certified recycled paper.

Tata Harper

CultBeauty mentions “Tata Harper is the world’s most bioactive, 100% natural skincare, indulgent and remarkable effective, without a single synthetic ingredient.”

Their range of products is incredible but the most famous at least we think, is the Tata Harper Clarifying cleanser. (Do you agree?)

All the ingredients are from natural origins, and another pro is the 47% of them are acquired by organic farming methods.

Kora Organics

The Miranda Ker’s brand was created in 2009 and is not a plant based brand, it is certified as a “Certified Organic brand”. Meaning that the products are toxin-free, cruelty-free and formulated with highly-active Certified Organic ingredients that deliver powerful results, leaving the skin healthy, glowing and radiant.

The main ingredient is Noni. Noni comes from the super fruit Noni fruit. Other certified ingredients are Jojoba oil, herbal extracts, Aloe Vera, and many others, that proved to be highly efficient. To help with the efficacy, all the ingredients are energized by the Rose Quartz. This Quartz is known to carry a soothing energy, that encourages love and acceptance.

Catarina Barbosa Skincare

This is a Portuguese brand that for our shame, we only take knowledge recently. Their skincare range features naturally pure ingredients that are source exclusively from ethical, fair trade and sustainable suppliers.

‘Our formulas are designed to protect and restore skin, improving skin functionality and promoting healthier skin, with the results-driven efficiency of advanced science.’

Bodhi and Birch

This eco-luxury skincare brand is established in the UK since 2010 and has since grown to be a brand synonymous with natural organic skincare. We tried a few products and we can say that they are amazing.

The range of skincare harnesses the benefits of natural and organic ingredients to deliver products that are kind to our skin but also to the planet. Founded by Elijah Choo, who originally created the products on his kitchen table, each ingredient is ethically sourced from sustainable origins.


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