Valentine’s day: Quarantine edition

Hello beauties,

Valentine’s Day arrived, and you don’t know what to do, right?!

In the middle of a pandemic you can’t surprise your other half with a good dinner in a nice restaurant, or with a romantic weekend getaway.

But don’t worry, we are here to help you, giving you some ideas of what to do, to surprise your lover in this special day.

The gift

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No, you can’t give the excuse that all the stores are closed for not having a gift. A week before you should go the hers/his favorite store online and buy something. But it’s the day and you didn’t remember of this little, huge, detail, don’t despair…there are still a solution.

Uber, Glovo, and others companies of deliver can bring you, with a space of an hour, a bouquet, chocolates, etc…


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Like the presents, you can ask these companies to bring a A-list dinner to surprise your other half. You can also, surprise and do it yourself, I’m sure it’s going to be appreciated.

If you live together, start with a breakfast in bed, and finish with a dinner with candles.

What to do, to make the day different

If you are already tired of seeing each other every single day, there are ways to make this day different and special

  • Do a picnic in the living room. Prepare a basket, put the towel on the floor and set a picnic like you were in the middle of a field. If you have a fireplace, it’s even more romantic, in my opinion, of course. Oh and don’t forget the bubbles, in the form of champagne or a good bubble bath. ; )
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  • Prepare a movie marathon of favorites movies, including that special movie that can make you remember a good and happy moment of your relationship.
  • Prepare a Spa day. Take care of the bath, putting flowers in the bathtub. Then prepare a tea to your lover drink after the massage that you are going to give her/him. And you can end both in the sofa with a mask on the face doing the movie marathon.
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  • Recreate your first date. Do you remember that day?! Well, you should. Try to recreate that day, by cooking or order the same food and drinks. Try to remember what you were wearing and use something similar to that. If you a have a song for that day, put it on. If it was in a bar, prepare the same cocktail. Turn off the ligths and turn on the music to dance through out the night.
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The most important is to have quality time with each other, even if you are 24/24 hours together, that doesn’t mean that you have giving 100% of your time to your relationship. These ideas should be used in at least once a month, but because of this day, try to do something more special. So turn off your phone, computer, and all the social media, and look to the person that you have in front of you. The person, that you chose to love and spent maybe the rest of your life with, and give her/him some credit and enjoy the night.

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Happy Valentine´s day



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