Trends for spring 2021 and what to buy on sales

Hello beauties,

Spring is right around the corner and even looking like impossible to have normal days, the fashion world never stops, and while some trends are going away, other are coming back.

We are not experts in fashion, and unfortunately we also don’t have access on first hand to the most known brand catwalks to show you what’s in and what’s not! yet! A girl can dream, right?… But like I was saying, we are not professionals in this industry so we sometimes have to get some help, like Vogue, who made an post about the trends that are going to be all over the place in 2021.

One thing that we are good (at least, we try to) is to help you, in this case, looking for what you can buy on sales to be the next It Girl on this Spring!

Without more further due, let’s discuss some trends…


Black and white never disappoints and never makes you look bad. If you don’t know what to use, choose these two colors and you are ready for all the occasions.. Because of that, we are glad that this trend it’s here again, in full force. We found a cute dress on sales on Mango, and it’s only 19,99€.


Bralettes are back with all its stretch since 1998! Whether entirely plain and minimalist, flirty or covered with ornaments, we can’t deny they brought a good vibe! Check the one that we found in sales at Zara, it’s only 3,99€ and it’s beautiful! (I’m thinking about buying it).


The name of this trend comes from dental floss, why?! because it’s like crisscrossing cords that can come from skirts, blouses, bralettes… We already saw this trend a little bit on the summer of 2020, but it’s here again. We found on Zara a pretty similar dupe to the inspiration brand and only costs 3,99€.


Call us romantics but we love a floaty maxi dress! We can’t deny that Valentino, Michael Kors and Dior, floor-sweeping and sheer styles are perfect for a glamorous cocktail or even a spring date! What do you think? We found the perfect Mango dress that’s very similar to the inspiration, a Chanel!


Say goodbye to the skinny jeans, because the Baggy/large pants are here! Maybe because with all the lockdowns, people don’t want to show the body or the new curves that emerged. It’s a trend that I think is not the cup of tea for everyone. I like but I’m not going to stop using skinny jeans. This trend has many fans, and some stars even predicted it, like Harry Styles. We found a good example on sales in Mango.


Who would think about capes in Spring/Summer? Well, Simone Rocha! Nobody needs one but it’s fashion. And fashion is funny and if it’s gorgeous, we are in! We didn’t find a cape in sales per se, but we found a good inspiration and the best is that’s wearable! Let us know what you think about this trend.


I think this trend will be the TREND on spring of 2021, because everyone is missing a good party and want to celebrate all the things they didn’t celebrated during the entire 2020, like NYE. You are going to see this trend in all types of forms, in party dresses but also in a more casual way, like joggers.


According to Fendi, Carolina Herreta and Miu Miu, the area underneath our rib cage and just before our wait is a new erogenous zone. And that’s the premise to the cut-outs in dresses and blouses that can add a glimpse of skin on a conservative look. We found a gorgeous blue Zara blouse that’s the perfect example for this trend.


Can we blame Bridgerton‘s for this trend? Because let’s say that this is the closest you’ll get to their costumes. This is not loungewear for sure, like Vogue said, it’s opposite for sure. It’s perfect for accentuate the good curves of the feminine body and bring some va va vum. We found a Portuguese brand that makes really amazing pieces, and in the sales section there’s a blouse that’s perfect for this trend.


If you already love hoodies, then this is the trend for you. By looking to the catwalk of Prada, Chanel and Celine you can take some ideas on how to use hoodies/sweatshirts, pleated skirts and leather bomber jackets in smart ways that will definitely up your style.


Maybe one of the hardest trends to find a dupe, but this is a trend that will be used in full force by the fashionistas and It girls. Us, common mortals? Maybe not so much. Not sure but let’s see what the future pieces bring. It was seeing on the catwalk in the form of dresses, skirts and bags.


The message is the bigger, the ballsier, the better! You can check Burberry and Kenneth Ize (a stripe specialist, if we can call him that) runways, and you’ll check some new styles and new ways to style clothes with stripes. We found this pair of trousers and it was love at first sign.

What are the trend that you are more excited about? Let us know in the comments.


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