Things we missed because Covid-19

Hello beauties,

COVID-19 has ruined many planes in the last year, don’t you agree? Whether planned trips, concerts, or weddings, the truth is that since the beginning go 2020, everything has changed and, spoiler alert, it was not for the better!

Nowadays, to be able to go to a coffee with friends looks like a miracle. What used to be normal and therefore devalued nowadays can be a treasure! And that’s so sad.

Nothing of these things can be compared to the sadness of broken families; the death of relatives; or even friends due to complications caused by the damn Covid-19. In the end, we have to be grateful for being alive, healthy, and with our family by our side!

But today, we wanted to talk to you about some things that we had planned last year and that we couldn’t make. Some were postponed, for this year, but with everything that’s going on, this year is still a big ‘will I make it?’


We were in 2019, and we still didn’t even know what Covid-19 was (actually, we didn’t;t even imagined the scale of what was going to happen), when we decided to buy tickets for one of the concerts that take place annually in Portugal- NOS Alive! And you ask, who was the headliner? Nothing less than Taylor Swift! Well, today, we still cry the 70€, and waking up on an early weekend to buy a ticket for something that never happened! Of course, the concert was canceled. It would be right in the middle of the pandemic (June 2020).

The only good thing that comforted us were Taylor’s new songs. She created a story with her music (Cardigan, Everlast, Willow)…

Another concert we missed was EDP Cool Jazz with John Legend! What a sadness, we both love John Legend! We were devastated, but we heard that John Legend has a new concert scheduled for this year. We still haven’t dared to buy a new ticket, but maybe will happen.


Rita: I still couldn’t get past the trip I had planned with my mother. We already had tickets purchased and everything confirmed for April 2020. Where to? Nothing less than the Vinothérapie Les Sources de Caudalie Spa in Martillac, France. Even today we still talk about this trip, which would only be for us, girls and would be noting less of four days of deserved rest. As a rule I like to visit a new country/city every year, but last year was to forget and this year I have not yet scheduled anything, not least because I have not had approval for holidays and also because as I said, we live in a world of uncertainty.

Joana: Like Rita, I also have the rule/wish of visiting at least a new country every year. If you read this blog for a while, you know that in 2020 I still got the chance. I visited Rome in January. It was my first time in Italy. And Norway in February, where I had the luxury of being able to see the Northern Lights, something that I had on my bucket list. And, I visited Azores in September for the first time. But I’m a Wanderlust. I already thought on tattoo this word on me because defines me so well. Being a wanderlust, I was supposed to visit Malta for the first time and revisit, maybe my favorite city in all world, New York. Oh, and I was also supposed to go to the south of France, to a wedding that was postponed for 2021.


Rita: Matching dresses for the bachelorette party and a wedding of a good friend in the heart of Alentejo, Portugal. That’s what I missed. The bachelorette dress was left on the hanger and was never worn. The wedding was moved to 2022, and I hope that by then everything will improve and that this means a blessed wedding, at least they deserve it, right ?!

Joana: 2020 was supposed to be the year of the Celebration of Love. I was supposed to attend one wedding in the South of France, one weeding in the South of Portugal and another Wedding in Lisbon. I was also supposed to have three baptized in which one of them I am the godmother. Guess what, all of them were postponed, some of them to 2021, that I still not sure if it’s going o happen.

Ai Ai Ai Covid, please go away lol


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