What we bought in the Sales

Hello beauties,

Sales are those things we hate but love, don’t you agree? We hate it because we always fall into the temptation of consumerism and buying what we need and what we don’t, and on the other hand, we love it because we can take advantage of these times to buy that piece that we like so much but now at a much more desirable price.

Well, this year, that was what happened to me. I bought what I needed and what I didn’t. If you remember, I (Rita) behaved very well on the last black Friday (post here), and I was so proud of myself. Now it was the opposite. I bought so many pieces that I didn’t need, per se. My luck was that the prices were amazing. I don’t think I saw any sales as good as these in a long time.

On other hand, I (Joana) think that I did a good job and my wallet is happy with me. I bought two pairs of shoes, one of them was because I didn’t have any like these in my collection, and the others were because everyone needs a cool pair of white sneakers. I’m an athlete now, I work out almost every single day, so workout gear is necessary.


1. Stradivarius Skirt – 19,95€ to 7,99€
2. Zara Polka dots Shorts – 22,95€ to 9,99€
3. Zara Black Leggings – 19,95€ to 9,99€
4. Zara Flowers Shirt – 29,95€ to 9,99€
5. Zara Miranda Makaroff Dress – 49,95€ to 12,99€
6. Timberland White Sneakers – 100€ to 50€
7. Parfois Bag – 39,99€ to 12,99€
8. Zara Shoes – 35,95€ to 12,99€
9. Stradivarius Brown Body – 12,99€ to 8,99€

I have to confess that I didn’t show you everything that I bought! I think it was too much, so I decided to show you just some pieces that I really liked and can’t wait to use!


1. UGG Lorna Waterproof Leather Boot – 210€ to 150€
2. Adidas Leggings adidas Own – 44,99€ to 29,99€
3. UGG Highland trainer – 110€ to 76€
4. Puma jacket Bio Logo – 44,99€ to 29,99€
4. Puma train twisted lilac – 19,99€ (new collection)
4. Puma Flawless sport Bra – 39,99€ (new collection)
5. Nike Clublogo shirt – 24,99€ to 14,99€
6. Brave Soul Grunge crew neck jumper dress by Asos – 35,99€ to 20,99€

e-mail: beautyworkerslife@gmail.com

One thought on “What we bought in the Sales

  1. Sales are the prettiest things that happen to us. We get to buy the best things that we once missed out on because of their high cost. We can afford those things during the sale period as it becomes available at comparatively low prices than before. Rita has picked some amazing pieces than Joana. The Parfois Bag is the best.
    Thank you for sharing this article with us.


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