Don’t forget to treat your body

Hello beauties,

We have spent the last few months focused on the face, but the body also needs our attention. Take a minute to think about when was the last time, you exfoliated your body? Or took an hour to hydrate your skin from head to toe? Apply a night lip mask? Take a shower with an oil and a candle by your side (while thinking about the gorgeous men from that show that starts with a B and steams on Netflix?

If the answer to these questions is always an “I don’t remember”, then it’s time to take some time of your day and treat your body and your mind!

We know that the world is a little bit crazy and if you are working from home, time passes quickly, and sometimes you can even think that the day has less time than when you are in your office. We understand that there are always things to do at home (laundry, cooking, and sometimes teaching the kids) but try hard to take at least twenty minutes to yourself. To think about YOUR things, about YOU!

We promise you will feel a lot better in the end of the day!

1. O Boticario Black Plum Liquid Soap | 2. Gillete Venus | 3. Evan Care Parfait Potions Healing for damage hair | 4. La Roche Posay Lipikar Baume ap+m (with new packaging made up of cardboard fibers and with 45% less plastic) | 5. Sisley Paris Exfoliant Moussant Energisant for the body | 6. CeraVe Moisturizing Cream | 7. Castelbel Verbena Fragranced Candle | 8. Chanel Hand cream | 9. Aromatherapy Florest Therapy oil | 10. Avène Cicalfate Lip cream | 11. Sephora Collection Vanilla night lip mask | 12. Sephora Collection Mango Vitamin B6 Mask

These are some products that we recommend for your 20 minutes pamper. You can also massage your body with a glove or a massage machine once a week, it will make you feel so much better.

Try to do take at least 20 minutes to yourself, and then tell us, if it made you feel better, deal?!


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