Hello beauties,

Once a month, we try to introduce you to some Portuguese brands that, in our opinion, deserve recognition. And what better way to do it but to show you some of their products and their Instagram page?

If you don’t remember, a few weeks ago we showed you some brands that we found on Instagram (post here, if you haven’t read it), and today we bring you more brands that, to our shame, we didn’t know either. However, we did our homework, and now we have a lot of information about them. Today we are here to share them with you. We hope you like it. We were careful to choose brands that ship their products not only nationally but worldwide.

Instagram: @raquelcaminoo

Raquel Caminoo

Crazy about beautiful shoes? Then, Raquel Camino is perfect for you! it’s a Portuguese brand that develops, produces, and markets women’s shoes. The brand appeared in 1985, and since then, it is proud to be a reference in the footwear sector. Its mission is to combine beauty with functionality and comfort. To this end, they use materials of excellent quality, with high standards of comfort. Sounds great, right?

Instagran: @castelbelporto


Castelbel is not new to me, because I received two of their soaps in Christmas and I have to say that I immediately fell in love! The scents are something else, and I want to try their candles because if the scent is the same as the soaps then, I’m a happy girl. This brand started in 1999 when a Portuguese professor, Aquiles Barros, was challenged to create a factory that would produce luxury scents soaps. They started with six workers, and at the end of 2018, that was over 200! Today Castelbel products, continue to be inspired by the idyllic setting of the Douro river valley, and the best is that they are done in Portugal.

Instagram: @beautybible.pt

Beauty Bible

We are still incredulous how we didn’t know the existence of the Beauty Bible brand/products. We are so ashamed. This Portuguese brand was created in 2019 (a recent beauty brand), and in addition to the products being developed and produced in Portugal, they are also vegan and cruelty-free. We believe, that we will hear a lot about this brand that is still in the beginning but give them a few months.

Instagram: @maria.bodyline

Maria Bodyline

Do you like bodies? Then we have the perfect brand to present to you! The “Maria.Bodyline” is born from a dream of her creator Maria Furtado Cunha who decided to follow her dream and risk everything by creating a brand dedicated to this piece of clothing. The goal is to give you a special body, unique and comfortable (one that you never want to take from your body). In the new collection, you can find ‘MyMaria’; The first body of all reinvented. We advise everyone to read Maria’s story on her website. It is interesting and motivational.

e-mail: beautyworkerslife@gmail.com


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