Dior Forever Cushion Powder [REVIEW]

Hello Beauties,

Today I bring you the review of the newest powder of Dior, the Dior Forever Cushion Powder.

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The first thing that catches the eye is, of course, the package. They adverse it as a ‘glamorous travel-friendly compact case’ and I totally agree. Honestly, that was the the first reason that made me think about buying this powder. And after seeing the ingredients list and what it offers, I was sold to it.

This is mainly a loose powder to fix the makeup but at the same time it gives a natural glow. And, I’m all about glow.

It has a silky texture, not powdery at all, and that’s probably because it is infused with water.

The Dior Forever Cushion Powder is available in 5 ranges of colors – Fair, Light, Deep and Lavender. It’s not the best range but take in consideration that they blend and match beautifully in different skin tones. The Lavender color is perfect to correct some pigmentation, such as dark circles or even skin marks. I bought in the color Fair and I think it suits me.

How to use

1. Gently shake the box, then lightly tap the mesh with the puff to pick up the perfect amount of powder. 2. To keep the formula fresh, ensure the lid is closed after each use.

In terms of application, it’s not visible powder, per se. I mean it doesn’t give an aspect of a powdered skin. By the photos, you can clearly see a more fresh skin after applying it, and also a luminosity in the area. It’s a matte luminosity, not shimmery, but more a delicate glow like your skin is fresh, healthy and more perfect. It’s suitable for every skin type.

You can use it alone in the morning, to set makeup and give the complexion a luminous matte glow. The loose powder is also the ideal on-the-go solution for touch-ups to refresh the complexion at any time of day.

Used with Dior Forever foundations (or your usual foundation) the Cushion Loose Powder brings even more perfection to the finish and improves staying power all day long.

And once we are talking about it, let me say that it really stays all day in place. I did the test of applying it at 8am and only removed my makeup after 9pm. Before removing it, I noticed that it was still there with all the freshness and still providing me a healthy glow. I also did an intense workout, where I sweat a lot and the powder stayed in place and really helped me covering my dark under-eyes problem.

I’m really happy with my purchase. It’s a light and fresh powder that gives me what I want. Makes the makeup stay all day, doesn’t cake at all, doesn’t set on the wrinkles/fine lines, doesn’t oxidize and over all gives me a nice luminosity and healthy look.

I can’t finish this post without point again the beauty of the packaging. It looks luxurious (I didn’t expect less from Dior) and I can feel a little what is to have a Dior bag (at lear in my imagination). ; )

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