Catching up with our 2021 Resolutions

Hello Beauties

At the beginning of the year, we wrote a post about our resolutions for 2021, and if you didn’t check it, you can click here.

We thought that would be a good idea to see at what point we are in our resolutions. To show you that sometimes is possible to keep them but most important, we think this post will help us. To keep us in line and showing what we need to improve at this point.


Resolutions that I’m achieving:

  • Keep the good work in term of workout;
  • Keep the good work in terms of healthy lifestyle (eat clean);

Resolutions that I’m doing an effort to achieve:

  • Be more present; – I’m trying, but the Covid is not helping.
  • Try to be a better person, especially to the closest one (family); – I failed miserably in the first two months of the year, but in the beginning of March I apologized to my closest ones and I’m now doing an effort to be more educated to my family
  • Save money to buy an house; – Also trying, I’m saving some money but can I be honest Zara is not helping me, or even Mango.
  • Dedicate more time to the blog (let’s grow this blog even more); – trying and want to achieve because I really love this blog.

Resolutions that I’m failing miserably:

  • Try to see more series (at least an episode per week);
  • Read more (something that I love to do and not doing right now);
  • Be more organized in terms of my time, to have time to do everything I want in a day;
  • Try to not think about work (pharmacy) at home. – Very hard, especially now that I’m taking another grade to help improve the work on the pharmacy.

Let’s not talk about this last four resolutions. I hope that in the next “Catching up with the resolutions”, I don’t have any resolution in this category.


Resolutions that I’m achieving:

  • Drink more water – I think I’m doing a good job because I’ve been drinking 1,5L a day and that’s not bad at all!
  • Try to not watch all the episodes of a series on Netflix – I don’t make a series marathon since last year. I can blame the lack of time! I’m sure that when season 2 of Bridgerton is available, I’m going to fail this resolution in one minute!
  • Eat less sugar – My father had a scare at the beginning of the year. So I’m trying to take sugar out of our diet. It’s not easy, but I’ve been using a lot less.

Resolutions that I’m doing an effort to achieve:

  • Take less pictures of my dog – I don’t have more space in my phone!
  • Send more messages to my friends and ask if they are okay – I’m really trying but it’s very difficult when I have so little time, I know it’s an excuse but I’m really trying!
  • Save money – like Joana, I have a big problem with clothes and Zara/Mango are not helping. Did you check their last collection? (But I’m trying)
  • Be less anxious – I’m trying but it’s not easy
  • Hug more my family at home and be thankful for the patience they have with me – I’m trying to be more affectionate at home, but overall I was never the most affectionate person.

Resolutions that I’m failing miserably:

  • Swap hikes for runs – I’ve been hiking at least two times a week but I still didn’t had the courage to switch to runs
  • Use more the elliptical machine – yeah, by now it has cobwebs!
  • Do more yoga – failing miserably at this!
  • Don’t think about work at home – I’m trying but it’s difficult.
  • Be more present at this blog – I feel a lack of time in my days and it’s been really difficult to write a post in advance. I feel like I’m living in the moment and that’s exactly what’s been happening with our posts! But I will try to change this by writing more when I have time.

What about you? How are going your resolutions? Let us know in the comments, at least one of your resolutions that you brilliantly accomplished!


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