#wetried: Chicest French Girl Hairstyles for this Summer

Hello beauties,

Whenever we find ourselves in the midst of a bad day hair (which, to bed honest are more than the good days), there are some easy hairstyles that we can count on to help us. French women are known for polite, chick and sophisticated looks (and this doesn’t mean that they are the only ones, but they are known for it!), and we can learn some styles from them. And we are always up to learn.

We recently stumble upon a youtube video from Parisian Vibe that teach some French hairstyles for this summer, and we immediately knew that we needed to share them with you. We tried to recreate four of them if we only had 5 minutes and we are happy to tell you that we did it! Some are easier but overall all of them can be recreated in the morning, even if you are rushing to work/school.

My favorite has to be the bun with braids! I love how it looks and although it looks difficult, it is not! I did it in two/three minutes. You only need three hair ties (one bigger and two smaller) and two bobby-pins.

Other hairstyle that I liked was the twisted low ponytail. It takes literally seconds and it gives a more sophisticated look on a simpler low pony tail. You can hide the hair tie with bobby pins but it’s optional.

The middle ponytail with a scarf it’s not new to me. This is a hairstyle that I love to use in spring/summer and it’s a great way to add a pop of color to your outfit or to just help secure the hair in the beach, for example.

At last there’s the little braids on sides. This is not new but it looks really good and it gives a girly but chick look to anyone. It’s easy to make but it can take more time because it looks better when you had some waves on your hair. I had straightened my hair last night, so I didn’t had he courage to try waves on it but if you do I promise you’ll love the result.

They showed another style, which was the simple wavy look. But like I said I had straightened my lair last night. I really think any of these hairstyles can be accomplished in a few minutes and the result of each one is amazing! Let us know if you tried them and which one is your favorite!

Let us know in the comments which hairstyle is your favorite!

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3 thoughts on “#wetried: Chicest French Girl Hairstyles for this Summer

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