Spring 2021 Zara Haul

Hello beauties,

Today we have a very exciting post – a Zara Haul! This store came out with their new spring collection and we are in love with so many items and believe it or not but we had to held back. There were so many pieces that we could buy and love but we are trying to save some money (it’s one of the resolutions that we both have for this year). We also have to save some money if we want to do more hauls like these because Zara is always laughing new collections that are pure temptations!

Other reason why we wanted to write this post, in addition to showing you some pieces that may have passed you by, it was to give you our opinion on what is worth and what is not worth. Sometimes we see a piece on the website and it’s good to do a little research on the web to see how it’s going to fit, and right now that’s important because online shopping is the best way to get new clothes.

Without more delays, here’s what we bought….

I love this piece. They are gorgeous and I think I never wore a so flattering pair of trousers. I will definitely buy in other colors. I bought in size XS but I think that a S would also fit me well. They are really fit to the body, so if you are between sizes opt for the bigger one.
I bought this Crop top in two colors, the black in XS and the Orange/yellow in S. I have to say that I’m between sizes. The XS was really tight and I feel like it crush my chest. I had to do a little of gym and tried to extend it as much as I could but I still think a little tight.
The S is the right size if I want to wear it with a bra, because that’s impossible with a XS. Or if I want to use it on top of a t-shirt or a fit shirt. I though this color would look better on me, maybe with a tan.
I have a similar blouse in black from the previous collection, and when I saw this one, I needed to buy it. But it’s not the same. I’m sure this blouse will be perfect for someone with more boobs, but on me it didn´t work. So I needed to return.
I love this blouse, The XS is perfect for me, but one piece of advice is that if you have more boobs, size up.
Great quality, great fabric. Love this blazer. It’s slightly oversize, so you can dress it up and dress it down.
Like the other blazer, this one is perfect. The fabric is lighter than the dark blue but also of great quality. This is the color of the season, so I advise you to buy it before it disappears. The size is perfect, so go to your true size.
Maybe you think that this coat is a little out of the season. But since the beginning of the autumn, I was on a hunt for a brown coat. This one I can use in spring with some jeans and a white shirt. Is a trend and a beautiful coat.

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