Filorga Age Purify

Hello Beauties

This is a very exciting post, for me at least. If you follow this blog for a while, you know I’m a huge fan of the brand Filorga.

I am a believer in their products and philosophy. Being a pharmaceutic, that is normal because my profession stands in science, like Filorga.

Filorga is not a dermo-cosmetic brand but a medical-cosmetic brand.

They are always innovating, and even in the middle of a pandemic, they developed a new line – the Age Purify.

Age-Purify came to fill a hole in Filorga existing lines, more specifically an anti-wrinkles line for oily skins.

They already had products for oily skin, but not a full range of products that will be effective in wrinkles but also help control the oily in skin. And if you have oily skin, you know how difficult is to find a line to treat these two problems at the same time.

The Age-Purify range, has two complexes:

  • Dermo-Rescue complex: this is an anti-imperfection complex that works through some actives like zinc, 5-hydroxy acids, and the vegetal extra purifying.
  • Hyaluronic-youth complex: this complex joins the glycopeptide and tripe-tie hyaluronic acid, which have a powerful anti-wrinkle effect.

For now, Filorga released four products in this line: The Age-Purify clean; the Age-Purify intensive; the Age-Purify fluid and the Age-Purify mask.

Age-Purify Clean

The cleanser of the range Age-Purify.

This cleanser has in its composition both complex, that is, in all the Age-Purify range, but also purifying polysaccharides that give a deep express cleanse.

This cleanser comes in a bottle of 150mL, and the price will be around 24,9€, and is indicated to oily and combo skins that tend to have imperfections because it will help in the combat of signs of age and, also controlling the oily.

Age-Purify Intensive

This is the first serum created by a dermatologist and, aesthetic medicine doctors to a more purify and smoother skin. It’s indicated for a skin that, has wrinkles, visible pores, dark spots, imperfections, and excessive brightness. It’s non-comedogenic and has an ultra-light texture, non-oily and mattifying. The bottle brings 30mL and the price will be around 61,9€.

Age-Purify Fluid

With the same indications as the Age-Purify intensive serum, this is the cream Tham complements the line and the treatment. The composition has both complex of the Age-Purify range but also an anti-pollution shield. The texture can be described as an hydrating cram with a light texture, non-comedogenic, non-oily, and mattifying.

It brings 50mL and the price will be around 61,9€.

Age-Purify Mask

This mask is ideal for a mist, oily skin that has wrinkles and imperfections.

It’s composed with both complexes but in addition to all the vantages conferred by the complexes, this product has the vantage of providing an immediate renewing effect.

It’s a creamy clay mask with a mattifying effect that comes in a 75mL bottle and will cost you 46,9€.

And that is the Age-Purify line. What do you think? We are really exited about this new line! Let us know in the comments which product caught your eye!



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