Sleek Face Form Contouring and Blush Palette | First impressions

Hello beauties,

I don’t know if you noticed, but we have been talking little by little about the products that came in Lookfantastic Christmas crackers (check out the original post here), and today it’s time to talk about the long-awaited Sleek contour & blush palette. At least expected for us, makeup lovers.

What it says:

‘Create flawless skin with Sleek MakeUP’s Face Form, a multi-purpose contour palette that helps to perfect its features. The practical compact packaging combines a contour powder, to redefine and perfect the natural structure of the face, an illuminator, to add shine, and a blush, to give the skin a warm color tone. Light, richly pigmented powders glide on the skin effortlessly and blend easily to provide long-lasting results. The face is defined, bright and perfect’.

When we look at the packaging, the first impression is that it’s simple but looks good. It brings a good mirror that can help if you are applying the product at home or work.

Now, about the actual product. Because we both had one palette, we decided to try it the same day and compare the results. Take into consideration that it is the first impression for both of us because it is the first time we are using it.

Joana’s first impressions (without foundation):

10 minutes after applying

I had three things in my mind to describe this palette, right after trying it – the color is nice, the pigmentation is great, and it’s difficult to blend. It accumulates a lot in the first place that the brush touches, and then it’s a nightmare to blend. I had to insist a lot, and it took me almost five minutes just to blend the first powder.

After a couple of hours (with mask)

After a couple of hours of using it with a mask, I noticed that the color is still there and in a good way. It stayed in place and looked good.

Rita’s first impressions (with foundation):

Immediately after applying

Like Joana, I felt a difficulty when it came to blend the bronzer. I don’t know if it was because of the foundation, but I don´t think. Because Joana had the same problem and didn’t apply foundation. You can see that in image 1. The color is not my favorite (I always compare every bronzer to Hoola, because that bronzer has the perfect tone to everybody, it’s some kind of magic), but it’s not ugly. It has a nice tone, that looks good on my skin, but it lacks that special factor that the Hoola has.

The bronzer is beautiful. I like it and in my opinion is the winner of the palette. It really reminds me of the Orgasm by Nars, but this one pulls a little more for a coral instead of pink, but the pigmentation is there, and you don’t need to apply too much to see a nice result.

The highlighter is very subtle. You can see it, but you have to apply a lot if you are a highlighter fan and like it to stand out. For me, it’s enough because I like a subtle highlighter. Not the best that I tried, but nice.

Final considerations:

We liked it. Overall, we think the price/quality is nice. Take into consideration that this palette price is around 12€, which is a nice price.

That said, will we continue to use and advice it to you? Yes, we do. If your budget is small, this is a great product with a nice price, and we think you’ll like it.


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