#WeTried: Hairstyles to hide ‘dirty’ hair

Hello beauties,

We can say that we are two practical girls, I speak for both when I say that our morning hairstyles consist of combing our hair and running out to work. I go even further by admitting that most of the time I comb my hair with my fingers before entering to the pharmacy.

The truth is that hairdressing is a tool that we don’t have in abundance, due to the lack of time and the lack of knowing how to do it well. So we decided to try something new that helped us and can help you – hairstyles to hide ‘dirty’ hair.

When we say ‘dirty hair’ it does not mean very dirty hair, but hair that has been washed two, three or four days ago (depending on the need for each hair), as these hairstyles do not work so well on freshly washed hair but also on too much dirty hair. These are perfect to use between washes!

Once again, keep in mind the fact that neither of us has the skills and practice, these are just a few hairstyles that we resort to when we need them!

Don’t forget to tell us in the comments which is your favorite hairstyle and leave us some ideas for more hairstyles. We love new ideas!

Use a scarf to hide and give some more volume to the hair
There are plenty hairtyles you can choose! If you have a hat, you can add it to any look.
Braids are a good hairstyle to hide dirty hair, while giving you a girly look!
Don’t forget to keep it simple! And enjoy!

e-mail: beautyworkerslife@gmail.com

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