New Yves Rocher Skincare 2021

Hello readers,

From time to time Yves Rocher launches new skincare products and this time I’m really excited! First because they came to complete some existing lines and second because they all contain between 97 to 99% of ingredients of natural origin.

I decided to buy three different products and I will tell you a little about each one. I received a sample of another product and I’m going to start by that one.

The 3 in 1 Makeup Removing Marine Jelly

@beautyworkerslife – The 3 in 1 Makeup Removing Marine Jelly Yves Rocher

Of all the products this sample was the only one I tried. It removes make-up, even waterproof, cleans and dexitoxicates the face and eyes. It contains micro-algae tetraselmis, a seaweed with oxygenating and antioxidant properties, cultivated with all due respect from the coast of Brittany. As I said, I tried this product twice and I didn’t dislike it. It makes me very confused to use a make-up remover gel in my eyes, but I must confess that, contrary to what I expected, it didn’t burn much in the eyes. As for its removing makeup power, in my opinion it is not enough. For me, this must be the second step of the skin cleansing routine, the first of which must be a make-up oil. I liked the freshness that gives to the skin and it didn’t leave my sensitive skin more red.

The 3-in-1 Cleanser, Scrub & Anti-Blackheads

@beautyworkerslife – The 3-in-1 Cleanser, Scrub & Anti-Blackheads Yves Rocher

You can count on me to try everything that is against blackheads! And this product promises to clean, gently exfoliate your skin without drying out. Free pores and reduce blackheads. It contains peppermint known for its refreshing and purifying properties and has been grown in the fields of Yves Rocher in Brittany since 1990. I’m going to try it today and I will definitely give you my feedback in a few weeks. Follow us on instagram and stay tuned because I will publish one picture of the before and the after.

The Pore Clearing Charcoal Mask

@beautyworkerslife – The Pore Clearing Charcoal Mask Yves Rocher

The Pore Clearing Mask with charcoal promises to clean the pores and reduce blackheads. Absorbs excess sebum and frees skin impurities. It detoxifies, matifies and purifies. Everything I need! eheh It also contains peppermint and it’s advised to blemish-prone skin.

From what I read on the website and in the Yves Rocher magazine, they advise applying this mask in a thin layer over the whole face previously cleaned, or just in the T-Zone, 1 or 2 times a week. Leave for 5 minutes, and rinse with plenty of water. As in the last product, I will talk more about it on instagram in a few weeks, when I have a more definitive opinion.

The Gentle Makeup Remover

@beautyworkerslife – The Gentle Makeup Remover Yves Roser

Finally, I bought the Makeup Remover for sensitive eyes, which from the looks of it is the same as the one I always bought and which I have already mentioned here. The difference in the packaging must be to accompany the style of the other products of the brand. If you have not read the post where I talked about this make-up remover, I can tell you that I like it very much – it eliminates the make-up of eyelashes easily. It does not contain perfume and is very fresh. It can even be used by people who wear contact lenses.

What product are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments.


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