Hair Products I’ve been trying: Hit or Miss?

Hello beauties,

Lately I have been giving special attention to my hair, and that is why I have been putting hair products to test to see how they perform. I wanted to try brands and products that are known, so take in consideration that some products are new and some are not.

We haven’t done many posts about hair on this blog but we want to implement everything that’s about beauty – it’s not always just going to be about makeup, or skincare! So this post will be about hair, an important aspect of our life!

To have a point of comparison, I have thick, dry and colored hair. I color my roots every month (sadly I’m not a real red head and I have too many white hairs) and I use heat tools at least once a week. My hair always been really dry but in the last years it’s better and more malleable and less wild like it used to be.

OGX Argan oil of Morocco Shampoo – OGX launched this new line that adds shine plus the argan oil of Morocco to the hair and I really wanted to try every product after reading a comment of a follower. She loved the line and swear it was the best she ever tried. It’s not the best shampoo I ever tried but it’s not bad. I feel that’s really expensive for that it does. Verdict: Miss!

OGX Argan Oil of Morocco Conditioner – I hate this product. After apply a conditioner or a mask, I always like to give it a few minutes for it to act, but I have to say that after applying this conditioner I could feel my hair more tangled and dry. After rinse the hair, it was even more dry. I really wanted to liked it, but I can’t say anything good about it, well the scent it’s not the worst. I gave it to my sister (just like the shampoo) because she has thin and oily hair. She liked it, so maybe it’s not the best for dry hair but okay for thin/oily hair. Verdict: Miss!

OGX Argan Oil of Morocco Heat Protect Spray – This product helps to cut blow dry time and protect hair from heat. It’s expensive and I will not buy it again, just because I feel that it creates some kind of film around the fiber of the hair and leaves it very thick and strange. I really wanted to like it and because it was so expensive I will use until the end but in very little quantity. Verdict: Miss!

Herbal Essences Real Botanicals Aloe + Avocado oil Shampoo – Herbal came out with this new line of products that I wanted to try. It says that hydrates but also soothes the scalp. I had my hair really dry and my scalp so dry that it had some kind of dandruff. This shampoo helped me a lot. My hair looks shiny and bouncy. I really liked it. The perfume is strong and the best I ever smelled in a shampoo – and it lasts for days! I know that there’s a mask (that I definitely going to buy on my next shopping) but there’s an oil? I didn’t find it but I would love to try it. Verdict: Hit!

Herbal Essences Real Botanicals Hemp+Aloe Oil – This is a oil and it’s to be used after washing and drying the hair. It can be used in the morning to give shine and hydration to the hair. You have to shake it up really well. I swear that when it comes to the best scents for hair, Herbal is a few years ahead of the other brands, I love the perfume! The hair looks really good on the day that I apply the product (very shiny and looks really healthy) but I have to be honest and say that on the next day the hair looks strange and heavy. Verdict: Miss!

L’Oréal Serie Expert Vegetal Protect Blow-Dry Fluidifier – I only tried this product two times and I liked it both times. It leaves my hair light and I feel that it really helps when it comes to blow dry the hair – it turns it easier and the result lasts for more time. Verdict: Hit!

Pantene Miracle Shampoo Repair and Protects – It’s not bad for the price but nothing life changing. I tried worst shampoos, but I prefer the Herbal Shampoo just because I feel my hair lighter with it. Verdict: it’s not a Hit but also not a Miss!

Pantene Repair and Protect 3 minute miracle Conditioner – My hair is really dry and because of that I prefer to use masks, I feel that I never have the same results with a conditioner that I have with a mask. So it’s normal to feel that this conditioner is not enough when used with the shampoo. It’s not bad, I don’t feel the hair more dry that it already is but I also don’t feel it better. Verdict: Miss for my extra dry hair!

Pantene Repair and Protect Mask – This mask is a life changing. This is the reason why I feel that the conditioner is not enough for my hair because when I use this mask I feel my hair completely changed – softer, hydrated, shining and looks good for days and days. This mask was the only product that it’s not new to me, but I had to talk about it because its the only mask that I notice differences (for the best) in my hair. If you want to know more, click here, and see what Pantene product changed my hair for the best. Verdict: Hit! Hit! Hit!


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