Yves Rocher The Pore Clearing Charcoal Mask

Hello beauties,

Last week we talk about some new Yves Rocher launches (post here) and one of them is the Pore Clearing Charcoal Mask. This mask promises to clean the pores and reduce blackheads. It absorbs the excess of sebum and frees skin from impurities, while also detoxifies, matifies and purifies the skin.

I had to try it, because one of the problems with my skin (maybe the main one) is and I think that will always be, blackheads. They are stubborn and even with the best products and a good skincare routine, overall they got better but never disappear. Most on the nose!

The Charcoal Mask contains, like the name says, charcoal but also peppermint and it’s advised to blemish-prone skin.

This product is very new and they advise applying it in a thin layer over the whole face, previously cleaned, or just in the T-zone, 1 or 2 times a week. Leave it for 5 minutes and rinse with plenty of water.

What I think about it…

I really liked it. I don’t remember when was the last time that I tried such a good mask. It is easy to apply, easy to remove and I felt the skin very clean and smooth. I also noticed a difference in the pores. They seem to be more closed and more uniform in appearance. I really liked it. It removes the oil without leaving the skin dry, something that happens frequently with masks for oily skin.

Now as for the blackheads, I didn’t expect any miracles, because as I said they are very stubborn and difficult to remove, so I was expecting they would continue there, however, it may be my impression but I think they are less visible. Maybe with a continuous use I will see more differences.

I can’t say much about the price of this mask, because Yves Rocher makes different promotions every month, so today it is at a price and in a few weeks you can get it at an even better price. But I can say that it costs less than 10€, and this is a very nice price for a mask that brings so much product and that when used it really produces results.

Have you tried this mask? What’s your favorite mask for oily skin?

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