Beauty Products that I won’t buy again…

Hello beauties,

Put your hand in the air if you never regretted buying a certain product? I can’t because there are several products that if you asked me, today I would not buy them. And in today’s post that’s what I’m going to show you – some of the products that I would not buy again.

Keep in mind that the reason is not always due to the fact that I don’t like the product or that’s not good in therms of quality and performance, sometimes I can just think that it’s too expensive and that there are more affordable versions.

Fenty Beauty Flyliner

The packaging is vey nice and the triangular shape makes it easier to handle. The product is waterproof and stays inlace all day, but it takes a lot of time to dry and it’s easy to smudge up the hood of the eye. You have to be careful because there’s a lot of product that comes off, and you have to have a light hand. It’s very expensive and I think that a Maybelline Eyeliner will give you the same effect!

Too Faced Damn Girl mascara

The packaging is gorgeous, and the brush is big but I don’t have a problem with it. My problem is the price – it’s too much expensive. I have a good example of a product that costs a lot less and gives a lot more volume to the eyelashes – the L’oréal Paradise mascara!

OGX Argan oil of Morocco Conditioner

I didn’t like any of these three products but if I had to choose the worst, it would have to be the conditioner. I never felt my hair so bad as I felt after using this conditioner! Hate it!

Galenic Aqua Infini Skincare Lotion

This is not a bad product. It smells great and I do feel the skin hydrated after using it, but it’s very expensive for what it is. I will not buy it again.

Frank Body Lip Balm

I love the exfoliator – it’s one of my favorite products (even though the price is outrageous). But the lip balm is a product that I will not buy again, it’s expensive and after a while it started to smell bad. In my opinion there are products from other brands that are capable of provide the same results at a better price.

Benefit Boi-ing Hydrating Concealer

One of my favorite concealers is the Benefit Cosmetics Boi-ing Cakeless, after saying this, I have to be honest and say that in my opinion the previous three concealers are not so good, and the worst for me is the boi-ing hydrating! It has almost zero coverage and overall it’s a mess (oh and don’t forget the over price)!

Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Instant Retoutch primer

It’s not a bad product but not the best if you are looking for a matte skin finish. Smells nice and it provides hydration to the skin. I was expecting something life changing (it’s not). It’s also very expensive.

What’s the product that you would not buy again? Let us know in the comments.


2 thoughts on “Beauty Products that I won’t buy again…

  1. NEST New York
    Mini Perfume Oil Set: very disappointing. The individual fragrances don’t smell anything like the names: rose, jasmine, orange, etc. Very fruity/sweet and synthetic.

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