My trip to Italy

Hello beauties,

Last week I was checking some photos in my phone and found some pictures of one of my last trips – to Italy! It’s been a while since I sit on a airplane, but life has been so chaotic and I still didn’t had the time to take proper vacations. I blame COVID-19 for my ruined vacations because 1) I can’t take more than one week of vacations and 2) I’m still a little bit scared!

Also one of the main reasons why I can’t go to far from home is my dog. You see I have a needy French bulldog that turns ill every time I’m more than three days away from home. And them I’m ill too because I start to think how she is and it’s a mess…

So one of my last trips was in August of 2019 and I went to Italy. I only stayed there for four days (five with the airplane flights) and I went with my dad – he had to work on conferences and as soon as he invited me, I had to say OF COURSE! Was a short trip, but I think I made a lot in those four days!!

One big disadvantage of going with only one person that are not with you all the time is the fact that I have almost zero photos of myself but I took a lot of pictures of every place I went! And I have a lot of photos of Italy street sidewalks and walls ahahah

I’m still sad that I didn’t had the time to see everything but I want to go back and see every corner and take all of the photos that I deserve!

I went to Roma, Florence and Venice (in this order) and let me tell you that these places are everything that I though they would be… My only complain about Venice has to be the price, because everything was really expensive. Hopefully, next time I will meet someone that’s going to show me more accessible places to go and to eat because let me tell you, I spend a LOT of money in restaurants!

Florence is beautiful too, but it would take weeks to see everything! I saw lots of churches and of course I had to go to Ponte Vecchio (I hope I’m writing the name right). If you asked me what was my favorite place to visit, I have to say that it was Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore and Piazza Duomo – the bell tower, and the entire cathedral is so rich in art and architecture that left me so amazed! The history behind all of these walls left me speechless and I don’t even know half of it!

One place that I didn’t had time to go was Palazzo Pitti because a lot of movies where filmed there and from what I saw the place looks amazing, like something from a book!

I don’t have a lot to tell you about Rome because I was there only one day! It was really quick!

I would love to tell you more about these amazing places but unfortunately there’s a lot that I don’t remember. I do remember some friendly faces that were very nice to me, like one lady (that spoke English) in Venice that showed me a place where I could buy some souvenirs, named La CORTE dei MIRACOLI (I hope I’m saying the name right). There I bought the most beautiful ceramic masks!

I promise that next time I will tell you every thing about the places that I go…because I’m pretty sure that I’m going to go back there as soon as possible!

These photos were taken by me, so all the rights are ours (Beautyworkers blog)!

I also found some pictures of my trip to Istambul. Do you want to see them?


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