Portuguese brands you need to know

Hello beauties,

How have you been? I feel I don’t ask you how you are since a long time. Today’s post is not new per se (if you are a beautyworkers follower), because surprise, surprise…it’s time for another Portuguese brands you need to know about! (insert a party emoji)

As always these are Portuguese brands that we feel that you need to know about. Some have worldwide shipping and other not (sorry) but all of them have beautiful products that you can’t miss. The Instagram page is always mentioned so you can follow them and check with more details everything that’s to know about!

Last week it came to us that some followers made some purchases at some of the brands we suggested (because of these posts) and you can’t believe how happy we were! We feel that we did our job, which was to get you to know these amazing brands!

oh and I almost forgot to ask you to let us know in the comments, what are your favorite brand and your favorite product from this week. We are thinking about the idea of a Giveaway and the prize will be a product from a Portuguese brand! What do you think about that?

Without further delays, here are the brands of this week…


Zanzibar is a 100% Portuguese brand where you can find bags, jewelry and other accessories. Have you seen their Wild bag? It’s beautiful! Today I payed the deserved attention to their products and found some gems in there, I think I like everything! If you don’t believe, check their page and tell me I’m wrong!



Created taking into account the different types of personalities, bodies and wallets, this brand, created in 2020, is for all women. And proof of this is the fact that each piece of clothing bears the name of a woman! Gutierrez is practical, fun and versatile and that’s why you have to go to their website and check all the products, I’m sure you’ll become a fan!



If you are looking for sunglasses then take a look at the Refleczo page. I found this Portuguese brand on Instagram and the products look amazing! They have countless models of sunglasses but my favorites are the Black Bold. What are yours?


Be Glow

Shame on me because I only found the Be Glow page today and I think I’m in love with their bracelets! This Portuguese brand have all of the jewelry carefully handcrafted in Alvor by their passionate little team of manufacturers and I love that! Right now I’m their biggest fan, what about you?


Friendly Fire

I’m in love with a pair of shoes from this Portuguese brand for months! And now I think you’ll be too! Friendly Fire products are inspired by the unlikely combination of colors, materials and textures. Idealized for an independent, sophisticated woman who knows what she wants, the brand values ​​quality, exclusivity and detail in each product.



Between clothes, hats , tote bags and scrunchies, Bauy has almost everything! It was created in 2019 and all the design and production are made in Portugal. I really like their concept and the products are gorgeous! Right now I have two pieces on my radar and I think that if you check their website you’ll end with a full cart!


e-mail: beautyworkerslife@gmail.com

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