How I treat my nails…

Hello beauties,

Since I stopped going to the beautician to apply gel on my nails, I noticed that they started getting weaker and weaker. Along with this, came the fact that I use a lot of alcohol daily and wash my hands constantly. All of this made my nails very different from what they were.

I speak in the past because I started to take some cares and I notice many differences. First, I started using a hand cream every night. This step may seem futile and you can even say that you don’t have time for that, but let me tell you, there’s no excuses. If you leave the hand cream next to your bed, it will become a habit and believe that the difference will be noticed after a short time.

Then I changed my nail polish remover. I used to use acetone I bought at the supermarket, but now I use a remover without acetone. The truth is that this type of product is much more expensive, but once again I noticed a big difference.

Finally, I think I found a good nail polish treatment – I’m talking about the Eveline 8-in-1 total action intensive nail conditioner.

I found this product by coincidence in a store and decided to take a chance 1) because I like to try new things 2) I was desperate for a product that would work and 3) the price was super nice (something like 2 €).

This product should be used every day, on clean nails with an acetone-free remover. Apply one layer in the first three days then use 2-3 times a week. I have been using this product for a few weeks and I must say that I am very satisfied.

My nails are huge and I feel that in addition to growing nonstop, they are stronger and do not break so easily. In addition, the product looks great on the nails, gives it an aspect of care and let me tell you that as you apply more layers, the nail will become even more beautiful in color. On the third layer (third day), it looks like the nail has a ‘milky’ color. I really like to see it! Some friends took some pictures and when I looked at my nails, I always liked how they look.

Let me know in the comments what are the products that you usually use on your nails! I would love to know and try them.


4 thoughts on “How I treat my nails…

    1. I was like you, so I completely understand! If you asked me one year ago to stop having gel nails I would sai absolutely no! But now I can see the benefits of having natural nails…there are also disadvantages like not having always perfect nails or the fact that they can break a lot…but in the end I’m happy that I decided to not go back to the gel.

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