Let’s imagine for a minute…

Hello beauties,

Let’s imagine for a minute that for one night you could go to any online store and buy everything that you wanted..well this time it could only be clothes, shoes, accessories…so forget the Ferrari (that’s for another time!). What would you buy?

Honestly, I think that I would not have a lot of problems on what I wanted… Call me materialistic but I do love a good brand bag or some shoes…so without more delays, here’s what I would buy if I could (because obviously I can not).

1. PATBO Belted floral-print maxi dress €1100 | 2. JOSEPH Cenda Wool and cashmere coat €995 | 3. PHILOSOPHY DI LORENZO Ruffled mini dress €895 | 4. GUCCI Belt €395 | 5. BALMAIN Double-breasted wool blazer €1690 | 6. GABRIELA HEARST Ava Leather boots €850 | 7. AQUAZZURA Bow Tie 105 Sued Pumps €550 | 8. DIOR Saddle Bag €2900 | 9. CHLOE Woody logo-print slides €295 | 10. VALENTINO Garavani straw fedora €590 | 11. CHLOÉ C mini suede-trimmed leather shoulder bag €1150

Just for curiosity let’s see what would be the total of my cart: €11 410. ok, so maybe I will continue doing my shopping in Zara and Mango…

Let me know in the comments what would be the first thing you would buy (forget a house, car and things like that).

e-mail: beautyworkerslife@gmail.com

2 thoughts on “Let’s imagine for a minute…

  1. In terms of clothes, I’d buy some dresses for sure, probably from Versace and a Hermes bag. I would be satisfied 😊 I like the floral Red dress you chose, now the problem is where to go with it now in pandemic times… though I can imagine that dress in some red carpet event 😍


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