My trip to Malta

Hello Beauties,

I am back from my trip to Malta, and ready to tell you everything that I did and saw there.

I am a Wonderlust, in fact, if someday I do a tattoo that is a word, would be for sure that one, because it describes me in perfection.

I was desperate to travel again, so I did a little research to see where I could go, if was safe because of Covid and also if had a beach, because that was a primary need for this trip.

And then Malta appeared.

The hotel

We decided to stay in the Radisson Blu Resort & Spa, Golden Sands. The reason why we choose this hotel was because it was near one of the best beaches of Malta, The Golden Bay, and far from the confusion of the city, perfect to prevent Covid and also perfect to rest and catch some sun.

The hotel is amazing, I highly recommend it. The employees do everything that they can to satisfy your needs and desires, especially for the breakfast. I asked for a free-lactose yogurt, and the answer that I had was that they didn’t have at the moment but, on the next day, I was versus surprised when they present me not one but in two flavors! I also don’t eat bread with gluten, and I had all mornings gluten-free bread. At the dinner, they would make soup just for us, because we didn’t like the cream that was in the soup of the day.

Small details, that makes this hotel a five star hotel.

The Beach

For sure, the best beach in Malta. Golden Bay is big, clean and with warm water.

During the week it wasn’t full, and supposedly you needed to use a mask when you were bath sunning in the towel, but the police was just checking out at weekend.

Near Golden Bay, you have the Miracle beach that is bigger than the Golden bay and also beautiful. It has an amazing restaurant there, that we went twice for lunch, but I will talk about that right away.


I ate so well in Malta. Unfortunately, I didn’t try any tipical dish from Malta. One of the reasons for that, was because all restaurants needed to close at 5PM, and we had included in our hotel reservation breakfast ad dinner, so the only time to eat outside was at lunch.

I higlhy recommend the Singita restaurant in Miracle beach, it’s fantastic. So beautiful, a nice vibe and great food, like you can see in the pictures.

We also lunched in Apple´s eye restaurant, were I ate spring rolls, yummy.

Back to the hotel, we can see in the next segment some pictures of my breakfast of the week, all soo good right?!

For the dinner, because everything was closed after 5PM, we had dinner in our room. I’m so happy that we did the reservation with dinner included, because the only way to have some food at night was with room service, and would be so bad for our wallet, if we needed to pay to eat.

In the next segment of photos, you can see some of my dinners of the week. All so good.

La Valletta

One of the excursions that we did was a 4 hours private tour with a guide through Valetta. With had a guy pickink us at the hotel, and then we met our guide, Anna. Anna was so kind, and sweet, with a lot of patience for all our requests for pictures. She also, is an amazing guide, that knows a lot of the history of Valetta and Malta (also about the movies and series that were recorded in Malta).

I could do a post about the history of Malta, but I’m not sure if you want to read it, so I leave you with some pictures of our trip.

In the end, I left with the sensation that I needed and wanted more, and 4 hours wasn’t enough too see all. Maybe, next time I will stay longer in Valetta, or even stay in a hotel there, to be able to get lost in the streets of Valetta.


Mdina, the silent city, as it’s called. If you go there, you will understand why it’s called like that.

Loved Mdina, it takes us to king and queens times, and maybe because of that some parts of The Game of Thrones, were filmed there.

Mdina, was the second excursion that we did, and it almost didn’t happen. We booked everything in Portugal, before leaving and in the day before of the excursion, the tour that we had booked called cancelling it, because of some healthy problems with the guide.

I went to google, and research for a trip to Mdina, and everything was full for the next day – the only day that we haded available to see Mdina. I found like last minute a waling tour available with the guide Christian. And it was the best tour that we had, firs because it was very private, just for the 2 of us, and second because he was the nicest guy, very funny always joking and with a lot of knowledge of the history of Malta, Mdina, and Rabat.

Here are some pics of the trip…

Comino, Blue Lagoon …

Our last excursion was a full day trip in a boat to see Comino, the crystal lagoon, blue lagoon and more.

What a lovely day we spend in that boat… The crystal lagoon is beautiful, and also the blue Lagoon, but a lot more crouded.

We had 2 option for this trip: we could spend the day on the blue lagoon catching sun or go to see the city of Gozo. We decided for the second option, and I think we did the right decision. We lunched in the city, bought some souvenirs and got to know more of the history of Malta.

Here are some pics of the trip…

Malta, surprised me in a good way. I’m not sure why, but I had a different vision of the country. Its so clean, you don’t see garbage on the floor. The Maltese people, are one the kindest people that I knew. Always trying to help and being nice.

I recommend so much Malta, it’s a nice country, with nice people and a lot of history.

If you want to know more or have a question, ask in the comment box and I will try to answer it.


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