Yves Rocher Beautifying Self-Tanning Lotion [First Impressions]

Hello beauties,

You know that we are Yves Rocher’s fans and one thing that we think they are on top of the game is in their summer fragrances. You are thinking ‘what does this have to do with the product you are going to talk about?’

Everything! Because I’m going to talk about one of their summer products: the Beautifying Self-Tanning Lotion, and one of the best examples when it comes to products with great scents.

This Self-Tanning lotion is used for the face and body and provides skin with a gold, gradual tan. It contains Sea Holly poly active from a process respectful of the botanical resource/environment and more than 94% of the ingredients are from natural origin. 👏👏

Among the ingredient list, we can find Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil, Hamamelis Virginian Flower Water and Mum Parkii (Shea) Butter.

Today I’m going to write my first impressions about this product. It’s very easy to use, fresh and leaves the skin very hydrated and silky. I really liked it but… there’s a but that I’m going to talk in the end.

It doesn’t stain the clothes and you only have to wait a few minutes until it’s all absorbed, then you can dress and do your life normally. The scent of this product, like I said in the beginning, is something that I truly adore. It’s strong! I like it that way, I went to bed still feeling it and in the next morning I could still feel it. It smells like summer and sunscreen.

But it’s very curious, because although it smells a little like a sunscreen it’s very explicit in the bottle that this doesn’t not contain any sunscreen!

They advice to apply it with your hands, like a normal moisturizing cream but after that you have to wash your hands. They also advice the continuous use to see more results.

Now, what about the important: the results! These are the results after one use.

Can you see a difference?

By the photos you can see that my skin is very fairy and I took a picture before and after applying the product (with a difference of 10 minutes) and I tried to take a picture that showed you how glowy the skin was after applying this product. It has some kind of golden sparkles and it looks like I’m a twilight vampire!

On the next day, that sparkle was gone. More tanned? I don’t think so. Maybe with a continue use I can see more differences but for now I think this is a great moisturizing cream, perfect to use after a beach day to give a glow to the skin.

Remember the but? Well, my mother also used it and on the next day her legs look awful! She has tan patches all over her legs, the tan doesn’t look even and she took two baths and it looks the same! So my advice is to be careful applying it because at first sign it looks like it doesn’t do anything but this is after all a self-tanner and every skin is different!

Have you tried this product? What do you think?

e-mail: beautywokerslife@gmail.com

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