Tips to look amazing when you are on a rush

Hello beauties,

Today’s post is for those of you that always wake up late. If you are a night owl or just like to stay in bed in the morning , you know the expression ‘just more five minutes’, right? It’s okay but not so okay if you really have to wake up early and go to work. And then you realize that you didn’t had the time to be at your best…

So on today’s post, we are going to share with you some tips to look amazing when you are on a rush. If you follow these rules, we promise you that you are going to see a difference. You’ll look amazing and you can always stay one more minute in bed, just one!

Tip #1 : Prepare you hair the night before

This tip will change the game for you! You’ll save so much time. In general hair lays better in the second day, but of course all depends on the person and hair types. Before going to bed, you can use silk scrunchies and tie your hair on the top or use a sleeping cap. Both methods will not look sexy, but on the next day you’ll see a difference in your hair.

Tip #2 : wash your face with cold water

We already talked about this tip, and it’s an important one! Among some of benefits, washing your face with cold water will refresh your skin, tight your pores and give your face a awakened look.

Tip #3: Use fool-proof makeup

We love makeup! It’s not a secret, but there are days that we know the eyeliner will not going to work. And for these days we can relay on fool-proof makeup, our best friend! Simplify everything – use a liquid eyeshadow instead of eyeliner, a lipstick that also can be used as a blush…less is more on these days!

Tip #4: De-puff

This tip should be before the makeup tip, but it doesn’t matter… There are a few ways to de-puff – use a caffeine cream, an eye cream with a metal applicator, a roller that you put in the fridge the night before…

Tip #5: Choose your clothes the night before

This is an important tip, and it will save you time and a headache! Think about what you will use the night before. See how’s going to be the weather and thing about where you are going, if you are going to have an important meeting or if it’s going to be a normal day at work. You can also think if you are going to go out with friends after the work. All of this can look dumb, but we promise you that this tip can be the most important and the one that will save you more time.

Tip #6: Accessories, Accessories, Accessories

Accessories can talk for you. Don’t overtake because it can take control of the look, use them as something that will complete/compose the final look. There’s a few accessories that can give you a more polite look, like a silk scarf or a simple necklace. As you add accessories see when to stop, such as makeup, sometimes less is more.


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