Trying Out BALI BODY Clear Self Tanning

Hello beauties,

Today’s post is sponsored by Bali Body. Their PR team send us some products for us to try, and we are so thankful! As always, this is a clean review and since the beginning we voted to be always sincere in every post (this is no exception).

In this post I’m going to talk about Bali Body’s Clear Self Tanning. My skin is very fair and I only used a self tanner once in my life, so I was a little afraid to try something hard to apply and that could change my skin tone in a way that everybody would noticed that was not natural.

The Clear Self Tanning Water it’s a ‘transparent water to foam formula contains no dye, making it a clean & easy way to achieve the perfect fake tan at home. Enriched with nourishing oils, skin-loving & natural ingredients for a light tan that smooths & hydrates as you glow’.

Bali Body Clear Self Tanning Mousse

I really like this product and I’m going to explain why – it doesn’t smell bad like some self tanning products and the result is the most natural I ever saw. First, the scent. I was a little skeptical because I have sensitive skin and I have headaches that are sometimes triggered by strong scents/perfumes. I didn’t have any problem with this product, it has a scent but it’s faint and pleasant.

The results. I tried yesterday in all my body, I used a tanning mitt and some help for my back. After a couple of minutes I felt that I could put some clothes and waited 2 hours.

In the website says that we need to wait two hours and then take a shower. If we want a darker tan, then we need to wait 4-8 hours. My initial plan was to use it before bed but I was afraid that it could stain my sheets and when I wake up the color was too dark. My bad, because it didn’t stain any of my clothes, so I think that my sheets were safe if I used it at night.

I waited two hours and took a shower, and then I pat my skin with a towel (don’t rub it)! Immediately I saw a difference in my skin tone, though I think the photo is not exactly what it seems in live. The light before and after was not the same. Bu I noticed a difference, a good one. I had a lot of compliments at work.

The light is not right. I’m sorry! It looks very natural and no orange

Because I wanted my legs a little more dark, I decided to apply a second layer today before going to work. It’s very easy to apply, I think I spend 2 minutes applying it and 5 waiting to dress. I’m very clumsy and I found it so easy to apply.

And this is the result of today. I really liked it, it looks even, doesn’t look orange and is looks a natural color. Normally, this is my color after a week of vacations. I don’t tan easily.

Love it!

Remember when I told you that I have sensitive skin? Well, the skin looks great. I didn’t have any problem and my skin is very moisturized, which I can understand why because this product is made with oils and natural ingredients DHA & environmentally friendly ingredients, making it the perfect solution for sensitive skin or anyone searching for a more natural self tan alternative to add to their beauty regime.

In my opinion the Clear Self Tanning Water provides a light self tan. It is perfect for fair skin or those wanting a light fake tan. Don’t use it if you want a dark or medium tan, Bali Body have other products specific for those results.

All Bali Body products are made in Melbourne, Australia, bit if you live in Europe don’t worry because they have a facility in Netherlands which is great for us Europeans. You only need to wait a couple of days and the product is in your house! And if you need one more reason all their products are 100% vegan friendly & cruelty free, strictly tested on Bali Body Babes only.

In the next few days I will show the result on instagram. Let’s see together how this self-tanner behaves over the week, what do you think? Don’t forget to follow us on instagram: @beautyworkerslife


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