Laser Hair Removal

Hello Beauties,

A few weeks ago I talked about the HydraFacial that I did for the first time (here), and I thought, why not talk about another esthetics procedure that I’ve been doing for years, that still cause some doubts in so many people.

I am talking about laser hair removal.

Right now there are many ways to get rid of unwanted hair but the best and the one that will save you more time (and money over the years) has to be the laser. Because of that, I did my work and search for every type of laser that’s in the market. At the time, the best was the Alexandrite laser.
This doesn’t mean that tomorrow some other type of laser won’t have more advantages, but at the moment this one seems to me the best.

The Alexandrite laser it’s a type of laser that existes since 1997, it is not just used to remove hair but also in medical procedures like the well known eye procedure LASIK.

What are the advantages of the laser in comparation with other forms of hair removal:

  • Safe;
  • Quick;
  • Demonstrate efficacy;
  • For everyone, doesn’t matter the sex and age;
  • Can be made in all the areas of the body, with no exception;
  • Reduce sweating, improving the performance of athletes;
  • Smooth skin;
  • Visual results since the first session;
  • Can be made even with medical problems, like hormonal, excess of hair, ingrown hair, or other dermatologic problems.

I do this on Clinica do Pêlo since the beginning, because I like the results, the professionalism of the team, and the clean and safe that I feel in the space.


  1. Free consultation
    1. Evaluate the photo-type
    2. Clarifications
    3. Evaluate the hair
  2. In the actual treatment, define with a dermographic pencil the areas to treat
  3. In the end of the session is applied an especic gel in the treated areas.

During treatment

  1. Both client and the professional uses laser googles
  2. All the utensils are discardable, because of hygienic reasons

What do you think? What is your experience with this esthetics procedure?


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