Products that I’ve been using and loving

Hello beauties,

Despite having a blog I never considered myself a true blogger or influencer. Our purpose when we created this blog was always to have a platform where we could give our opinion, positive or negative, about the products we try. With this blog we wanted to contribute a little and help someone (as we are also helped when looking for an opinion about a certain product) but never truly influence on buying something.

The truth is that I’ve always enjoyed testing products and my profession as a pharmacist often allows me to do that. And I think I can also talk in Joana’s name because she’s also a pharmacist. So today I wanted to talk about different products that I have been trying/testing in the last two months – some I love and others not really. This post is all about the ones I like!

These are products that work for me and I will definitely buy them again. Without further delays, here are some gems that I found…

Let me know in the comments me what products you have been using and loving so I can try them too.

1. Moschino I love parfum | 2. Dove Go Fresh Grapefruit deodorant | 3. Yves Rocher My Kiwi Kiss Body Scrub | 4. Herbal Essences Argan Oil Repair Shampoo | 5. Amethyste Copper Coloring Mask | 6. Labello Nude lipstick | 7. Yves Rocher Body/Hair Monoi of Tayiti Oil | 8. Neutrogena Visibly Renew Body Cream


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