Garnier Micellar Cleansing Eco Pads REVIEW

Hello beauties,

A few years ago I bought a set of three Makeup Eraser’s clothes. If you don’t know, these are makeup removal towels and the best thing that I ever bought! Really! You just need water and they take all the makeup (including mascara, eyeliner and the most stubborn lipstick).
At the time these clothes were a innovation and I don’t want to be wrong, but I think that a few years ago they were the only ones that only needed water.

Today there are a lot of options and the there’s one that it’s well known and that I’m very curious to try: Face Halo. I’ve been thinking about buying a pack since last year but I live in Portugal and the customs here are a headache!

These type of clothes are the best thing, they are super easy to use, you just need water and after using them, wash with a little detergent and let it dry.
Since I have these towels I never used disposable cotton pads again and besides saving money I also save the environment.

This year, Garnier decided to launch some new eco pads and I decided to test them. You already know that I love test everything!

After trying them and comparing it with my so loved towels, I have to say that the Garnier Eco pads disappointed me! Why, you ask?
Because of a very simple reason, they don’t work well with just water. Bear in mind that the Makeup Eraser work at 100% only with water and I was expecting the same, or better.

Then I read what the packaging explicitly says – micellar water eco pads. I stopped using micellar water years ago. I don’t think my skin likes it, and I also don’t like it. I prefer water and then a cleansing gel and when it comes to remove makeup, my favorite has to be a balm.

In my opinion micellar water can often lead to errors because people think that’s water and they don’t need to rise the skin after using it. Wrongggg! So wrong! You should always rise your skin after using micellar water!
It was my mistake because they say in big letters that these eco pads are to use with micellar water (the name says it). And me, a total fly head thought these could be used with just water. Water is water while micellar water in addition to water also has a part of oil which is what helps to remove said makeup.

I tried to use them with a balm and the result was a pad full of black eyeliner and foundation. It took me a lot of time to wash it off, and in the end the pad looked like it was used for a month. I also tired to use it with a mask and I really liked it because in the end it took the mask so easily. Then again the pad looked like it was at war, all black (it was a charcoal mask) and it was so difficult to wash off. Today I still couldn’t take all the mask from the pad.

In my opinion these eco pads works like a cotton pad, maybe a little better because you can wash it (despite the difficulty) and use it again. But if you, like me, are thinking about using them with only water, then I don’t advice it to you! On the other hand, if you want a better option (and affordable) when it comes to cotton pads, than this is definitely for you!


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