Spots to eat in Algarve

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Today we bring you a different type of post.

Algarve is a well known place in Portugal. Famous for the blue extension of beaches, mediterranean weather, and great restaurants, Algarve is one of favorite places for people to go on vacation.

I lived in Algarve for 5 years, and I like to spend at least a week per year there on my summer vacations. So today I want to give you some recommendations of restaurants to eat, if you are planning to go there.

Silves – Marisqueira Do Rui

One of the best places to eat seafood in Algarve. Considered for many the best in Algarve.

It’s not a fancy restaurant, and for sure you will need to wait in line to have a table, but I can guarantee to you, that it is worth the wait.

The bread is served toasted and brings mayo. A weird combination, but try, you are going to be surprised.

they have a variety of seafood and also another dishes like “arroz de Marisco” and so on.

Burgau – Miam

A new place in Algarve to eat different type of dishes but delicious.

The Tuna Tataky was divine and I can’t wait to go back there to try other plates.

The view is excellent, on the beach and burgau is such a pito rest place. Did you know, that is known as the Portuguese Santorini?!

Portimão – O Viriato

Great people and great food. The owner is such a nice guy, makes you feel welcomed.

Great variety of dishes and also they have a dish of the day, every single day.

It is situated in Portimão but not in the middle of the crowd, so it’s good if you want to have a more quiet dinner.

Odiáxere – A Torre, a casa do Chico Zé

Almost a mandatory stop if you are near Odiáxere. You can find meat, fish, all with great level.

Just have two negative points for me, the first is that just serves lunches and the second is that you need to wait in line to have a table. Usually what they say is that you need to arrive before 13 or after 15. A strong point is that is a big restaurant, so they can accommodate many people.

Alvor – Ababuja

A beautiful restaurant with great food.

It’s a restaurant in the Marina of Alvor, with view to the river.

The plates are a little more to the pricy side but delicious. I absolutely recommend.

The employees are nice and always trying to satisfy you.

Alvor – Caniço

It´s stays in the Village a Prainha.

A pricy restaurant, with great view. It is situated in the beach.

To enter you need to walk through the cliffs and then find a elevator that puts you in what looks like a tunnel of the World War II. With this entrance you already know that what you are entering is a not typical restaurant. You have a bar where you can have a drink before or after the meal.

The employees bring you a sample of all the fresh seafood and fishes thatchy have. and then they set up your plate in front of you.

Be careful the menu is with the price to 100g, so if you want to know what you are going to pay, you need to make some maths. The employee tell you the weight of the fish you want.

Albufeira (Paderne) – Veneza

You need to came here at least once. Take in consideration that you need to have reservation, or you won’t have a table.

Typical food, not what the foreign are used to, but everyone loves it. Check the wine because their selection is something of another world.

I know so many restaurants in Portugal, that I could do a 20 pages of post.

What do you think about a part II?



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