More Portuguese brands that you can’t miss

Hello beauties,

It’s been a while since the last Portuguese brands you can’t miss … but here we are again, and today we bring you good brands that we think you’ll love (like we do!).

I’m still amazed by the quality (and quantity) of Portuguese brands that I find every day! It’s amazing! Instagram opened so many doors to these brands, but also foir people like me, that like to know them. If I had to say a word about this week’s brands, it would have to be colorful! What do you think?

As always, let us know in the comments what is your favorite brand and what product you want to buy! Maybe we can buy it and make a giveaway 😉 Without further do …


Made in Portugal since 2013, Foursoul features incredible/colorful patterns and contemporary pieces that scream summer, but also fashion! I dare you to check the lilac set! Gorgeous!


If you love handkerchiefs, then Caet’Ana is a brand you can’t miss! All pieces are exclusive, designed, and made in Portugal! I’m the biggest fan of handkerchiefs, and this store is a true dream to me! I already have a favorite piece, what about you?


I discovered this swimwear recently and I’m in love with its patterns and design … I’m pretty sure you will love too!


Created in the north of Portugal, this Portuguese brand is characterized by its irreverent touch! I like it! From colorful necklaces to beautiful bikinis, this brand has everything to fall in love with!


If you like accessories with unique and irreverent patterns, then Wuay is for you! Made in Portugal, the handkerchiefs of this brand are stunning! If you don’t believe, take a look at their website and see for yourself!


This is another brand that I only found this week, and shame on me! With bold design and colors, Caio has become one of my favorite Portuguese brands! Take a look at their website and tell me that I’m wrong!


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