New Clarins Total Cleansing Oil

Hello beauties,

A few posts ago, I talked about the fact that I was looking for a cleansing balm because my beloved Moringa Cleansing balm (post here) was over! I was looking for something that I could buy in Portugal and let me tell you that finding a cleansing balm in Portugal is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

After a lot of search I decided to try the Clarins Total Cleansing Oil. This is not a cleansing balm, but an oil. I really needed a product for the first step of my cleansing routine so I decided to risk! I already talked about my cleansing routine, but really quickly, I always use an oil product (balm or oil) to remove the makeup, then remove the oil with a makeup remover towel and then I use a cleansing gel specifically for oil/acne prone skin types. It looks a lot but it’s a routine and I don’t use makeup everyday, so I don’t have to do all of these steps everyday. On non-makeup days I only use the cleansing gel.

Let me talk a little about the Clarins Total Cleansing Oil “enriched with the gentle complex from ‘Domaine Clarins’ (organic golden gentian & organic lemon balm), removes all make-up, even waterproof, while respecting the skin’s microbiota”.
I liked the fact that it can be used on skin, lips and eyes. This is also a new product so I couldn’t find many reviews online but I decided to try it anyway.

What I think about it? I like it. It’s easy to use and it takes the makeup really quickly and easily. It can be used as a pre-cleansing or alone. It also can be used in all skin types. Like I said, I have oily/combo skin (depends on the weather, month, how I wake up ahah) and I’ve been using this product and don’t notice my skin oilier. On the contrary, the oil is controlled and the skin looks good. I also noticed that I don’t feel the kind of ‘pull’ effect after using it.

Does it burn the eyes? This is an important aspect when I chose a makeup cleanser. And I have to say that I was really afraid of this product. Normally, cleansing oils tend to burn in the eyes, but this one doesn’t. Well…it does a little but you can avoid it. How? Apply it on dry skin and rub gently the eyes until you noticed that the makeup is melted. Don’t rinse the eyes before taking a makeup remover pad/towel and take the excess of makeup melted/oil. Then and only then, you rinse everything with water. If you apply it and immediately rinse, the eyes will burn a little.

Do I prefer a cleansing oil? Yes, I do. But I think that until I find the perfect one, I’m happy with the total cleansing oil. Clarins think about creating a balm, huh what do you think?

Have you tried this product? Let me know in the comments what do you think about it.


3 thoughts on “New Clarins Total Cleansing Oil

  1. I have to try it. Because I’m in between Canary Islands and UK I had to look for a new cleansing oil/Balm too and got one in Sephora from Erborian, Milk and Peel Balm, it’s ok as a 1st step cleanser, but my favourite will still be the one from UK that you can get in Boots: Superfacialist Vitamin C + Skin Renew Cleansing Oil. If one day, you can, give it a try, it’s really worth it.

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    1. Hi Michele, thank you so much! Your comment is exactly what we are always looking for! We love the exchange of product recommendations. I will definitely look for the Superfacialis Vitamin C + Skin Renew Cleansing oil (hopefully Boots will ship to Portugal) 😉

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