What I eat in a week – Work Edition

Hello Beauties,

This blog is not just about makeup and skincare. We also want to give some help organizing your life.

That is why we decided to show you some of the things that we prepare to eat.

This first post is what I (Joana) normally prepare for my work’s lunch.

I usually decide on Saturday and Sunday what will be my lunches of all week, It’s so much easier this way! And I love to take inspiration on Instagram. Then on Sunday, I start preparing what can be prepared on the day before to save all the time during the week?) Normally I left Monday’s lunch prepared on Sunday, while the other days lunches are prepared/finished on the day before.

The other lunches I always prepare on the day before because I don’t have time to do on the exact day.

So without more bla bla bra let me show you this past week.lunches…


On Monday I used salted black beans, corn and spinach’s that were leftovers of the weekend. Did a mango salad with fresh chilly, herbs and cherry tomatoes that was insane and hot. Cooked quinoa and grilled some cucumber. It was supposed to be grilled zucchini but I didn’t had any left so I used what I had. And it turned out great.


This is the ‘real what I eat’, so I need to tell you that sometimes we need to use pre-cooked food. On this day, I boiled some deep frozen vegetables that I had on the refrigerator, baked on the oven a sweet potato and made a bed of spinach. For the protein I went for the Falafels that I have already made on the refrigerated. These are homemade falafels (I previously made them), sometimes I make so many that I end up freezing some to future use.

Easy, quick and delicious lunch.


On Wednesday, I took the picture before putting on the box. This is a type of huevos rancheros. On this plate you can find spinach, black beans, cucumber, eggs, fresh chilly and tomatoes. It was cute on the pan but when I tried to take it out, this happened. But still delicious.


Finally I did grilled zucchini. It’s one of my favorite ways to eat it. I used the leftover od the mango salad but put avocado to have some healthy fats. You can’t see on the picture, but behind the mango salad I had Tofu that I baked on the oven.

So simple and sooooo delicious.


On the last day of the wee I did a mix of some things that I had in the fridge. It turned out something like this! It takes half avocado, oven baked tofu, butternut, broccolinis, mushrooms and a mix of cauliflower rice with spinach.

This turned to be a vegetarian week. Not all of the weeks are like this. I consider that I’m a Flexitarian. I eat more plant based, some fish and socially when I need or “want” meat. If I’m going to cook for myself I rarely do meat, and when I do, I try that is called ‘white meat’. But everyone is different and exceptions are ok and normal. We are in this world to have fun and enjoy ourselves.

What do you think of this type of post. The next edition will be What I eat in a week – beach edition. Excited?!


e-mail: beautyworkerslife@gmail.com

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