BALI BODY Gradual Tan [Review]

Hello beauties,

A few weeks ago I talked about Bali body’s Clear self tanning (click here, if you want to read it). I truly like it, and it has nothing to do about the fact that’s a PR product. I like it so much that I’ve been using it and will continue using, even in the winter.

One of the products that came with the Clear self tanning for us to try was the Gradual Tan – and what coincidence (or not) because today’s post is all about the Gradual Tan!


“Achieve a flawless tan with our everyday gradual tanning moisturiser. This hydrating body lotion allows you to gradually build colour and customise the perfect tan for your skin tone. Apply from head to toe every morning or night for bronzed skin all year round.”

The Gradual tan is a product that will gradually tan your skin and that can be used everyday as a body moisturizer. I’ve been using it since the beginning of the month and I have a lot to say about it, overall there are days that I like it and there are days that I don’t.

Is it easy to use? Very easy! Like it says, this can be used daily as a body moisturizer and I never felt my skin so moisturized and soft after using this product.

What about the scent? Ehhh. I have to say that I don’t have a lot of experience when it comes to self tanning products. I was never a self tanning girl but after trying the clear self tanning I can definitely see the appeal. I prefer the scent of the clear self tanning but the gradual tan is not bad, although you can still feel it on the next day.

Can I sleep in white sheets after using it? Absolutely! I like to apply this product at night and my clean sheets stays clean on the next day. But….I have to be honest and say that if you stop using it regularly, after a couple of days, you can notice some product when you leave the shower. So be careful with white towels. In its defense, I have to say that it’s really easy to take the product from the towels (even with a low program).

More important : Does it work? It does! A lot! I dare to say that the Gradual tan leaves my skin more tanned than with the Clear Self Tanning. And that’s due the fact that you can build the tone you desire, adding layers of product. If you use it once a week you will have a subtle tone, but if you use it everyday, you will noticed a big difference in the tone. Honestly, I noticed a big difference after the first use.


Is everything good in it? No. I found it very easy to apply, but like every clear product, it’s difficult to see where you applied more or less product. For example, on the first use, I applied some on my legs and feet, and after two days I notice that my right foot was darker than my left foot. I also noticed that with only one use the tone is a little bit more yellow-ish than I liked, but with a continuous use, the tone looks more natural and pretty. Another con is the fact that if you don’t apply at least with a space of time of three days, you can notice some patches on your skin and you will noticed this more if you use harsh body washers. My advice is that you use soft body soaps and when you leave the shower, don’t rub the towel but lightly pat the skin.

I really think that after a couple of uses I now know how to use this product and I have to say that I like my skin tone and how my skin looks overall. I’m really fair and it’s very difficult to gain some tan, even if I go to the beach everyday and this product allows me to have a little bit of a summer tone on my skin. But if you are new to this thing called self tannig, my advice is to start with the Clear Self Tanning from bathe same brand and then you can use the Gradual Tan to maintain the tone or even deeper it.


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