New entrances in Portugal of beauty brands

Hello Beauties

Remember when you went on vacations and planned all the places you needed to go to buy beauty products from brands that we didn’t have in Portugal? Well, those times are ending because more and more brands are coming to Portugal and today we are going to talk about some of them. Maybe you didn’t even knew that some of these are now available here!

The internet brought some easy ways to buy them, but the customs can be a headache! Good news are that today we have a lot of brands that last year we never thought they would come to our stores…

Kylie Cosmetics

Available at

Two years ago, when Kylie skin arrived in Portugal, we knew and prayed that the makeup line, would also be available. And in 2021, it finally arrived. Today you can find some products in the Douglas store. I still remember when one year ago, I paid a lot of taxes to have the chance to try the Kylie lipstick, which I love.

Jeffree Star cosmetics

Another brand also available at

The crazy makeup with a lot of glitter of Jeffree Star is finally here, and I can’t wait to try it. After a look in the website, some stuff caught my eye, and I’m thinking about a cool post about it in the future. What do you think?

Rare Beauty

Available exclusively at

Rare beauty is a novelty in the world of beauty and I’m so glad we have the chance to buy it, here in Portugal. And we didn’t had to wait years for that, so thank you Selena Gomes or Rare Beauty employee that made it happen! I’m still waiting for it to be in stores, because right now it’s just available on Sephora online! But we can have all in one day, right?

The ordinary

Available online at

The Ordinary it’s a brand that I always had the curiosity to try. Why? It’s so chemical, and as a pharmacist, I understand some of the components and know that they are effective. The price is something that always made me think about it because it’s not expensive at all. If we compare the products with others, that are available in the pharmacy, and with the same list of ingredients, we are going to be glad that this brand is here!

Really need to try and see if it’s really good as I think.


Available exclusively in Sephora

A new brand available in Sephora Portugal. Natural brand that respects the environment without forgetting the efficacy.

Kora Organics

For now, only available online at

We already talked about Kora Organics in this blog a couple of times. First, when we mentioned some natural brands, another time when we talked about brands from celebrities. And after all those posts, we still want to try these products!

Honest Beauty

Available only online at

Honest beauty is on the same page as Kora Organics. I think that every time we talked about one, we talked about the other. The reasons are the same, and both brand products are definitely on our list of skincare products that we want to try before the year ends! Honest beauty is available in Douglas online.


Available in Sephora

This was a brand that we didn’t need to wait a lot for to come to Portugal. And every time that there’s a new product launch, Portugal (fortunately) is one of the first countries to receive the product. I don’t know how, or why but we are happy about it.


Available in Sephora (online and in some stores)

Another brand that is a hype among the skincare community and that we only could try this year. It’s available at Sephora.


Available in Sephora (online and in some stores)

The truth is that we had one or two products from Milk in the Beauty to go section of Sephora since last year. But this year we receive a lot of ‘normal size’ products and the best is that some are now launches!


Available at

For years we’ve been listen and reading all good things about this brand and now we can try it!

RMS beauty

Available at

From the makeup guru Rose-Marie Swift, RMS makeup line was created to offer beauty and well being in just one place. All products have natural ingredients with anti-aging properties.

Our hope for the future

Some of the brands that we wish to have here in Portugal are Charlotte Tilbury, Hourglass (not just some products in the beauty to go section), and a lot more.


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